Friday, July 15, 2011

Roasting While Roasting

It's going to be a hot weekend.  I suppose that the time has come for us to savor the memory of our cool summer days while sitting on the porch sipping iced tea (sweetened, of course) and fanning.  Thanks goodness for air conditioning.  Our neighbors to the north have been having a rough time since last Monday's storm.  Some are still without electricity!

We love roasted vegetables, especially summer squash.  I had some, along with broccoli, from last Saturday's market.  I decided to do an early morning roast so that the oven could be idle during the afternoon's heat.

Roasting of vegetables is so simple.  Just preheat the oven to 400 degrees, toss the vegetables with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and some herbs.  I used one of the organic herb blends that my friend, "T" sent me.  Oh my goodness-so delicious!  Thanks again "T"!!

In the interest of conserving energy and minimizing the heat in the kitchen, I tossed two large baking potatoes in.  The vegetables take about 40 minutes, the potatoes about 20 minutes longer.

Andrew and I usually share a potato but, since I love the potato skins, I baked two, hollowed them out and added finely minced and sauteed onions and garlic, salt and pepper.  Then I stuffed them with only half of the "meat" putting the rest in a small baker to have later.  I topped all with feta and parmesan.  

All only had to be heated in the convection oven for a delicious supper.

Hope you are are able to stay cool and will have a nice weekend.