Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Stores

It doesn't seem so long ago that I lamented the big book stores putting independent bookstores out of business.  Now I'm lamenting the demise of the big book stores themselves.  In the past year, we've lost two near us and now Border's is liquidating.  I do order books online, both new and used, and that makes me a part of the problem I suppose.

A friend and I were speaking about where we purchased books before the "biggies" came along.  I can't remember where the books of my childhood were purchased.  For the most part, we used the library but we also owned a fair number of treasured tomes.  The first actual bookstore (other than the old college one) that I recall is Brentano's on the concourse at The Pentagon.  A good chunk of my paycheck went to that delightful place.

                                Via Dreamsicle Day
I plan to head out and stock up!

In the meantime, construction on our new library is moving right along.  The day after our June groundbreaking, the local builders went on strike!  Fortunately, it was settled in a few days.  The ground has been turned up and over and leveled.  The one business that had to be razed is being removed this week.  All the trustees were presented real hard hats with our names on them.  They are on a shelf in one of the construction trailers.  I wonder if they'd actually let me onto the site?  If it weren't so hot, I might give that a try.

On second thought, I think I'll just stay in and drink...

....citrus water.

Wishing you all a good weekend!!