Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Post You've All Been Waiting For

I don't participate in blog awards although I think they are a nice way to tell bloggers how much they are appreciated.  It would be hard for me to select my favorite blogs to pass the awards on to.  There would be around 270 of you!!

Patti at Classic Movie Snippets graciously awarded me the Sweet Blogger award.  I decided to partially participate.  First let me tell you that Patti is a fine reviewer of old movies.  I thought I'd seen all the great ones but she has introduced me to many that were "new".  Patti awards stars and, thus far, has been "spot on" as they say somewhere or other!

Since I know many of you want to know a few things about me, I'm going to share seven things about myself that you probably don't know.  If you want to know more--my whole life story perhaps--just send a check or money order for $9.99 and a stamped, self-addressed envelop!!

First of all, this is me.  My son took the photograph since Margaret Bourke-White had expired and Annie  Leibovitz refused.  I asked him to make me look ten years younger and fifty pounds lighter.  NO, he didn't!!

1.  I grew up in the Star City of the South.  Look it up.

2.  I spent four years lost in the Pentagon and got paid for them.

3.  I once flew to London (yes, England) for the weekend to attend a party.  I was single and foolish but had a great time!

4.  While in college, I accidentally upset a tossed salad into my lap at dinner.  Without missing a beat, I ate the salad out of my lap--red French dressing and all.

5.  I have no fear of driving anywhere.  I've even driven down Broadway and made a left onto 42nd St.--or was it 44th?  Yes, I'm talking about NYC.  The parking was not as easy as the driving.

6.  If I had to choose only one cuisine for the rest of my dining years it would be Thai.

7.  I met two of my blogging friends face to face last October and, contrary to warnings from family and friends, Ginny of Let Your Light Shine and Beverly of Lacoochee Kid were charming and fun to spend time getting to know.