Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Wedding

If you haven't already guessed, we were in Louisville, Kentucky for the wedding of a young man we've known since he was five.  We met Colin and his parents at church when we first moved here.  They have been dear friends ever since.  It was with great joy that we traveled south for Colin and Bonnie's wedding.  In addition to us, guests arrived from the shores of the Atlantic, Pacific,  Lake Michigan and points in between.

Many of us stayed at the Historic Brown Hotel in Louisville.  Started in 1924, the hotel has been host to many famous guests.  Lily Pons, Al Jolson, the Duke of Windsor, Harry Truman, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Gene Autry, the wedding party and us to name a few.  The "us" included our younger son and his wife who traveled from Massachusetts and were celebrating the weekend enjoying the wedding of their friend and also the second anniversary of their own wedding.  

The wedding was held at Locust Grove.  Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark on 55 lovely acres which are part of the original 694 acre farm established by William and Lucy Clark Croghan in 1790.  William was the brother-in-law of George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville and Revolutionary War hero.  George Rogers Clark spent the last nine years of his life at Locust Grove.

The weather was as near perfect as possible.  The temperatures were in the low 70s and the sun dappled through Locust trees on the bride, groom and guests.


The grassy aisle.

The handsome groom and his parents.

The beautiful bride and her father.

The minister.

Dr. and Mrs. Colin B.

If you look closely, you will see that the wedding choir have kazoos hanging around their necks.  They used them in performing the lively and unique wedding music.

It was such a lovely few days that brought family and friends together in the most joyful of ways.  We were grateful to be a part of all of the festivities.

We wish the very best to the wonderful couple!!