Friday, October 14, 2011


The Baker/Painter has been out of the country all week.  Oliver and I have held down the "fort".  I, of course, knew that his "master" would be back but Ollie wasn't so sure.  He was o.k. day one but things went quickly downhill.  It started with following me constantly and staring at me whenever I sat down.  Then he wanted outside much more.  When he got outside he ran around and barked incessantly.  Oliver is not a barking dog!  Sunday and Monday were particularly bad as he set up a howl for long periods--or what seemed like long periods!

When I went out to water some potted herbs, I noticed he was quite busy under a tree.  Upon closer inspection, he had a dead squirrel in his mouth.  My scream made him drop the limp little body but not for long.  I did what any strong woman would do and rushed to my neighbor who, fortunately, was outside, and screamed "I need help"!

He came right over and assured me that all would be well.  He ordered Oliver to drop his prey.  He did!  Neighbor R. retrieved, inspected and interred.  We aren't sure if Oliver did the furry little critter in or not.  With all the loud barking and frantic running around, he may have scared it to death.

Yesterday afternoon I told Ollie I was going to pick up his master and headed off to meet the O'Hare shuttle.  It had been raining and sunless all day.  When I turned in a northwesterly direction, this is what I saw.  

This sun had come out to go down 

I wished I had Ginny from Let Your Light Shine and her camera to capture one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a long time.  If you haven't visited with Ginny, please do.  She's a wonderful photographer with an inquisitive mind--a winning combination.  I especially enjoy her sunsets because the sun is setting over the area where I grew up.

Fast forward to this morning and one happy dog patiently waiting for his master to finish breakfast and go for a walk.

Welcome Home!