Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sated with Virginia Country Ham

I'm home!  Well, I guess you might say I was "home" while away from home.  My two sisters and I met in our hometown for our annual October visit which includes a "shopathon" and an "eatathon".  We happily did justice to both "thons"!!

The Roanoker Restaurant has been around longer than we have.  We head there for breakfast every visit.

We order country ham in red eye gravy accompanied by big fluffy biscuits, grits, fried apples and eggs.  I've heard rumors that there's always a cardiologist on standby!!  Hey, it is only once a year

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy

Wafer thin slices of Virginia Country Ham
Strong black coffee

Fry the ham slices quickly (about two minutes per side)
Remove to a paper towel to drain
Reduce the heat to medium and, to the remaining grease in pan, pour in the coffee.
You'll know it's ready when the coffee forms and "eye" in the center of the ham grease.


We headed to The Homeplace on Sunday.  It's our favorite time to go--sort of like driving up the mountain (Catawba) to have dinner at Aunt Emma's.  The big white farmhouse sits amid rolling meadows and serves dinner and supper Thursday through Sunday.  We prefer midday on Sunday.  There's always a wait (this time two hours) but we sit on the sprawling front porch and talk to strangers.  It is the south and they aren't strangers for long!!  It was a mild day and families had arrived with balls to toss about.  A remote-controlled plane whizzed above the meadow.  We were waiting for a table for four.  As we listened to the familiar and very southern gentleman call families in, the largest was a party of eighteen.  Many parties of ten to twelve were there.

The food is served family style.  Fried chicken is the centerpiece.  One can choose another meat.  Yes, we went with ham again!!  The sides include cole slaw (my favorite), pinto beans (although I like them, I don't view them as a "side" and don't indulge), real mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and fried apples.  There is always a cobbler for dessert and this time it was a good mixed berry one.

It's a good and comforting meal.

I've missed you all and am looking forward to catching up.

More later.  Right now I'm off to the gym!!