Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lunch at the Wildflour with My Blogging Friends

As I've said before, I started blogging with a small degree of trepidation.  What kind of people would I be opening myself up to?  Would anyone even read my blog?  Would I read any blogs?  I can now happily say that I wish I had started sooner because I've only "met" wonderful and interesting people.  From great cooks to photographers, knitters, crafters and writers, I've learned from them all.  Now I've started meeting some of you face-to-face.  When I have, it is like meeting good friends.  We fall straight away into conversations about life and family.

On my annual visit to my hometown this year, I met Tanna from The Brick Street Bungalow and her sweet family.

From inside Wildflour looking toward the outside dining patio.  I was told by our waitress that the building across the street had once been a Virginia Motor Vehicle office.  Both the restaurant, which is housed in a former neighborhood grocery store run by the father of a childhood friend, and the former VMV building are in a lovely old neighborhood in my hometown.  It is a neighborhood where I did a lot of babysitting in my teenage years.  I earned a whopping seventy-five cents an hour!  Some of my precious charges are now entering their forties.  Yikes!

Tanna brought along her daughter and her two adorable grandsons.  I would have known them anywhere!  Little Man and Roo were charming lunch partners.  I loved hearing all about their life in a town that I know so well.

Little Roo and I held hands for this photo.

Thank you Tanna, Amanda and sweet boys for a delicious lunch and visit.  I hope we can do it again and again!!