Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday In My Town: The Artful Garden

Chicago has it's Botanic Gardens.  Crown Point has The Artful Garden.  Both are wonderful.  One is an hour away.  The other is ten minutes away.

The Artful Garden is in a lovely little cottage nestled on a very large city lot.  One approaches the cottage through an iron gate and is greeted with all sorts of garden art and potted plants.  If you continue past the cottage and wind your way to the back garden, there is a pleasant surprise.  The back deck is filled with more lovely plantings that spill over into the backyard.  Garden statuary and plentiful pots entice the novice and master gardener alike.

I've actually taken house guests over to stroll through the lawn and sit on the deck for a spell.

NOTE:  Click on the photos to enlarge.

The garden's 13th Annual Christmas Open House is Friday-Sunday, November 11th-14th.  I've been there most every year, joined by friends from north of Chicago to far south of Crown Point.  We make it an outing that, of course, includes lunch somewhere in town.  We always save room for tasty refreshments served while we shop in the cozy little cottage.  If you are in, or anywhere near Crown Point, come on up, down or over.  You won't be disappointed!

Come on through the garden gate.

Any of this group would love to follow you home.

Lying down on the job!

Inside it looks, sounds and smells like Christmas.  Those crooked trees came home with me but I have it on very good authority there are more.

I love these candles.  They turn a regular candleholder into a striking focal point.

As it says, this collection is joyful!

This wreath keeps calling to me.  I may have to answer!!

This happy soul would make one smile at snow!

Hope to see you there!