Saturday, January 14, 2012

Savory Tomato Soup and Mustard Puffs

NOTE:  I'd planned to post this January 4, 2012.  It's still frigid around here but Adam has been back to the west coast for two weeks.  

I have cookbooks.  Lots and lots and lots of cookbooks.  They follow me home from bookstores.  They arrive in my mailbox.  They hop into that big paper fill-it-to-the-top bag at library book sales.  Shelved neatly or stacked on flat surfaces, they are everywhere.  I search them, read them and cook from them.  Thanks to my excellent foodie blogging friends, my computer Bookmarks section is now sagging with saved recipes.

Yesterday's frigid temperature called for soup.  Our son, Adam, was still here and working from his childhood bedroom.  I jumped at the chance to prepare him a hot lunch.  Serving an old favorite of vegetable soup and a PBJ sandwich crossed my mind.  However, two recipes I'd been wanting to try called out to me.  I had all the ingredients on hand for the soup and had pre-done the Mustard Savory Puffs and frozen them.

Adam enjoyed his lunch and asked about the puffs.  I told him to check out my blog when he got back to the west coast--I'm always soliciting "visitors"!

These delicious recipes came from two three of my favorite food bloggers.

Sun-Dried Tomato Soup

I couldn't link directly to the recipe so
you'll have to search her blog (click on "soups)
and go from there.  You'll be glad you had to search
as you'll find many recipes with which to "stock" your

Susan's Mustard Puffs
from Barbara at Moveable Feasts (check out mid-December)
who got the recipe from
who adapted a recipe from
Dorie Greenspan's latest and amazing cookbook,
"Around My French Table"

If you haven't visited with Mary, Barbara and Susan, you are in for a delicious treat.
If you don't have Dorie's "Around My French Table", you need to get to the


  1. this would be perfect for today, it is colder here than we are used to, but a beautiful day. we are having turkey chili tonight, in honor of our cold snap. this soup would be even better

  2. They all sound delightful and perfect for the blustery wintry day we have here! I have that same recipe/cookbook/magazine addiction. In fact, I just spent the morning trying to sort through my piles. Maybe there's a self-help group for recipe hoarders!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Bonnie! Aren't those mustard puffs delicious? Perfect with soup. I'll have to find Mary's soup recipe too, it sounds like the perfect soup to pair with the puffs. Chilly today!!

  4. Yes, that sounds great for this cold weather! The mustard puffs sound great and I have to check them out. Thanks and stay warm!

  5. Those mustard puffs are divine..I made some for friends 2 Tuesdays ago and she asked for the recipe also:) they are easy..pretty and delicious..
    Everything looks good.!

  6. Wish I could have been there for lunch, too!! I haven't visited the other two blogs, but Mary is an absolute favorite! I have never made anything of hers that didn't "make my socks go up and down." I think this lunch would have too!! blessings ~ tanna

  7. A new take on an old favorite comfort food! There is just nothing like grilled cheese and tomato soup, and here it is adult and sophisticated while still comforting!

  8. Much as I don't like cold weather, I DO love a piping hot bowl of soup, especially when it's paired with a yummy bread item.

    The soup and the puffs look wonderful and very delicious.

    Oh, and as for cookbooks, my daughter (our resident cook) would tell you it is simply impossible to have too many of them. And since she works at the library...she is always coming home with a new one.

    Have a great weekend,

  9. I'm with Ginny...there is NOTHING like a good ol' bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich-yum! Een though I love Campbell's I just might have to put my husband up to this recipe and he may like it since he likes sun-dried tomato soup :) Happy Belated b'day! It really sounds like you had a wonderful day...the hot chocolate looks scrumptious!

  10. I love cookbooks that jump into my shopping bag ... how fun to cook for your son.


  11. When we moved I got rid of most of my cookbooks. I usually go to the internet for recipes, anyway. Sounds like a perfect lunch! I'd love to have my daughter visit so I could fix her lunch :)

  12. Love this; perfect for a cold Sunday afternoon. I wanted tomething light for supper and her it is; thank you.

  13. I'm glad your "boy" enjoyed his lunch. The mustard puffs sound delicious and I can't wait to give them a try. How much snow have you had? I'm not gloating. Our weather has been foul and I'm in search of the sun. Stay warm and continue to enjoy that the company of that third person at the table. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  14. I have cookbooks, but also come to the internet for recipes. This sounds really good though!

  15. this is indeed the perfect cold weather lunch...soup and a bit of good bread!

  16. Une soupe des plus réconfortantes:) Bon lundi!!xxx

  17. the dogs do not swim, for which we are thankful, we had Max for 16 years and he loved the pool. what a mess that was

  18. This soup looks just perfect for the chilly days we are having in NYC right now. Super comforting and delicious.


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