Saturday, February 4, 2012


When I visited one of my favorite bloggers this morning, I realized that her post suited me well.  Instead of writing my own post, I decided to just take hers.

Podso's post today says exactly what I've been thinking.

As you can see,  I have

shelf after

shelf of


Like Podso, I find myself turning more and more to the internet and my favorite blogs for recipes.


I have such a connection with many bloggers that I trust them as friends.  I'd love to have them at my table (and be at theirs).

Please pay Podso a visit.
I'm sure you'll be back to thank me!


  1. While I don't think I have quite the number of books, I do see many on your shelves which also sit on my shelves. I love and read cookbooks like novels. I especially like cookbooks that also tell a story. Have a terrific weekend. Hugs, Bonnie

  2. I well recognize her red Betty Crocker cookbook, my grandmother gave me mine when I was married. I still love to look through cookbooks, but also look on the computer, too!

  3. Same here...I have a huge cookbook collection, but I usually turn to my computer to find a recipe. I still have a few favorite, well loved treasures that have dog-eared pages with recipes that I probably could make from heart by now though. :)

  4. You certainly have more cookbooks than I have! But you got me thinking about how I enjoy reading cookbooks and recipes and dreaming about making the dish ---and maybe that is similar to looking at design magazines and thinking about painting a room a different color, etc. I'm wondering about that coconut cookbook. Thanks for the mention!

  5. Bonnie,
    Do you Pinterest? (If so, let's follow each other!)
    BUT, I see so many yummy photos of food on there and you can get the recipes...I've made several (and blogged, some) that were so yummy!
    xo, Cheryl

  6. I have a lot of cookbooks. I love the pictures and the ideas. I don't collect them like I used to because of the internet and the ones I find on blogs. My favorites that I do use are Ina Garten's. Never have had a failure.

    Have a great Super Bowl Day!


  7. no cook books here, never owned one. i do have a little tin box that i made in high school home economics class, it has all my mothers directions she gave me to do her home cooking and a few i added over the years. i have not touched the box in many years but i used it a lot when i got married in 1963.

  8. Wish I could get over my addiction to cookbooks. Even if I see it on someone's blog, I still want the book for myself. Think there's a help group for me?

    Have a great weekend Bonnie.

  9. I enjoy doing both, a few blog recipes and a few cookbook recipes. I'm like Sam, addicted to cookbooks - I think we need help! LOL!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and I will pay your friend's blog a visit!


  10. There is something about a new cookbook that is so thrilling (maybe it's just me)!

  11. I always wanted to collect cookbooks but a place to store them was an issue. I have some but not as many as I would have liked. Now I go to the internet more often than not. Guess that's a good thing....maybe I saved a tree or two?

  12. Hi Bonnie, Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you. May the best team win!!! I personally am for the Giants --but I truly just hope it is a good game. Anxious to see some great commercials also!!!

    Interesting what we learn from other bloggers. You do have TONS of cookbooks. I have several but not nearly that many.

  13. Great post to borrow! I have a ton of cookbooks and just bought a couple this last week, it's an addiction for sure. But, I do the same as you and use the internet to find recipes. It's quick and easy, but will never replace cookbooks in my book!

  14. LOL! I am working my way up the bloglist on my sidebar and just left Podso's. I couldn't agree more!! There are so many great recipes on the blogs we all read there is not enough time to enjoy them all! blessings ~ Tanna

  15. wow, that is alot of books! I thought i had alot! Love reading through all my cookbooks on a rainy day and coming up with a new dish

  16. When we moved nearly 4 years ago, I got rid of a lot of my cookbooks just because they were so heavy and I was relying more and more on the Internet for recipes. Now my clutter problem is a printer tray full of recipes that I've printed out. LOL

  17. Thanks for the find! Podso's blog is charming. Love to find new blogs to read.

  18. Hi ,
    Love your collection of cookbooks. I see a lot Ina Garten cookbooks there which is fantastic. I too turn to the internet for recipes, but if I have an Ina recipe book, I am set.


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