Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bangers and Mash

My first taste of bangers and mash was in a London pub on Fleet Street.  I was poor, traveling on a tight budget, and the dish was cheap and filling.  It wasn't particularly memorable.  The conversation going on around me was, however, very interesting.

We had quite a bit of the colcannon (see previous post) left over when The Baker made a trip to Costco and came home with....

... authentic Irish style bangers.

I'm not sure how Irish bangers differ from English bangers.  As near as I can determine, bangers are simply sausages.  The sausages can contain various meats and seasonings.  The term "bangers" is thought to have come into existence when the sausages burst open when boiled.

Since it is pre-St. Patrick's day week, I thought that making the colcannon into potato pancakes simply by forming them into patties, dredging in a beaten egg, dipping them in plain breadcrumbs and sauteing in a bit of butter and olive oil would make a nice accompaniment to the bangers.  To avoid "fireworks, I decided to saute the bangers as well.  I just wasn't in the mood for explosions!!

The bangers were a bit bland but, when paired with a grainy mustard, were quite tasty.



  1. I love coming here to learn new things. i love sausage but have never heard them called bangers.

  2. I'm feeling so non Irish with all the Irish food postings on blogs this week! My husby would love tbis!

  3. Banger 'round the Ponderosa usually involves guns and shootin', 'less it's the Forth of July! Heeehehehe!

    I thought you were introducin' us to some kinda weird exotic meat here,'s sausage.

    Who says ya can't teach an old Chick new tricks! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a sunshiny kinda day!!! :o)

  4. I usually get our English bangers at this German sausage house near us. Always a favorite as I go back often just for them. It sometimes works to pierce them and bake them in the oven with whatever else we are having. I haven't heard of Irish bangers :)

    Your meal sounds mighty Irish to me!

  5. I love the look of this homey meal, we called them bangers growing up.

  6. Well, it looks delicious!!! And now I know why they are called Bangers!!! We are going to Costco tomorrow, I will take a look!

  7. We bought the same bangers -- had some for an "Irish" breakfast and will have some more tonight as bangers and mash! British (and Irish) sausages taste so much different than ours -- not sure why but they do! And I do like them!

  8. Looks like a great dinner, and mustard sounds good too:@)

  9. Here in Nova Scotia, we serve bangers 'n' mash with sauerkraut and mustard. The bangers are never bland with a little bit o' sauerkraut!

  10. ok, the first time my hubby and I learned about bangers and mash was when reading a Dorthy Sayers mystery book I think! it was either there or in the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small. Any ways it was back in the 80's I believe. I love mustard--spicy--on things. We had Corned beef last night and tonight for the first time in years and with cabbage , potatoes and carrots and lots of honey dijon mustard--yum.

  11. HI Bonnie, I have heard of Bangers --and have wondered how that name came about.

    I love sausages ---but don't eat them much anymore since I'm watching my weight and they are not on my diet!!!!

    Happy St. Patty's to YOU!!!.

  12. Love bangers and mash! The 1st time I tried them was in Bermuda! Delicious post!

  13. Seriously ... Irish bangers at Costco. WOW.

    You are really making me miss the UK.


  14. You even have the peas! The English and the Irish would be proud.

  15. I prefer German sausages because they have more flavor but it wouldn't be right not to cook bangers and mash near St. Paddy's Day. Teamed up with a good, robust mustard they are delicious. I hate it when they explode.

  16. I shall have to add my little piece. For a start we never boil sausages, or bangers, whatever you like to call them. Your tip of doing them in the oven works well as they brown all over.
    Have you heard of 'Toad in the Hole'? Another nice way to cook them.
    Make an egg batter and pour in a tin. Place your sausages in the batter, cook till nicely risen and serve with your veggies and gravy.I'm sure you know this altready!! I do like mustard on mine.
    My son had his own butcher shop and of course made his own sausages. They were really the best. And they usually come 8 to a pound!
    Hugs from June in the UK! xx


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