Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine, Flowers, and Friends

Yesterday, my good friends and I headed out into the warm day.  Our first stop was for lunch at Sage in Valparaiso.   We actually took time to stop and "smell" the azaleas (do azalea blossoms smell?) that were bursting into fuscia blooms just outside the restaurant's door.  When we entered the restaurant, we met with other enticing aromas and were not disappointed in our delicious lunch.  We were chatting away and I completely forgot to photograph my delicious entree of pasta smothered in spring vegetables and two large and delicious sea scallops in a light and tasty olive oil and garlic sauce.

Out next stop was at the Antique Emporium in Chesterton where one friend sought out wine glasses.  She was successful in picking up eight delightfully springish ones.  I wasn't looking for anything but couldn't pass up a sterling silver sale.  A nice silver bracelet with a very pretty setting of turquoise came home with me.

Our shopping gave us an appetite for dessert and, right across the street was....

...Tonya's Patisserie 

We sat out on the porch and enjoyed....

...these delicious pastries accompanied by a cold beverage.  A cold beverage while sitting outside in mid-March is a real treat around here!!  We tried to dissect this lovely cake.  We decided that it started with a very thin, jelly roll genoise that was rolled up without jelly.  That was cut into 1/4 inch slices and eased into a domed mold.  Then a filling of vanilla pastry cream was added.  It was topped (or bottomed) by a round slice of the genoise and unmolded.  It was then brushed with a glaze of honey (we knew it was honey because a big fat bumble bee kept flitting around us) and strained apricot jam.  I'm going to try and entice The Baker to duplicate the treat!!

Other views included

A freight train and

an arm sling.

One of my dear friends is healing from a broken arm!!  

Any day that I am with my friends is a good day.  Being surrounded by warm breezes and beautiful flowering trees and bulbs made it an even better day!!


  1. sorry about the friends arm, she looks very comfy though, thats a lovely day out and such a beautiful desert!

  2. Food and shopping - two of my favorite things. Sorry your friend's arm is in a sling and Hope she's better soon.

  3. Sounds like a grand time was had by all. Can't say anything bad about good food, good friends and shopping.

  4. sorry by your friend but sounds like a happy an.nice day!

  5. What a wonderful to celebrate this amazing weather. And that dessert with the wee bee ... oh my.

    I can tell you know your food, the way you deconstructed that beautiful cake.


  6. Oh the sweet treat looks so yummy. And, I am crazy about those fat bumble bees on top. I hope you will share if "the baker" duplicates. It is always fun to get together with good friends. Hugs! Bonnie

  7. Bonnie dear,

    Thanks for stopping by! Why not just scan those old Gourmet covers and use them as placemats?

    Joys to you,


  8. I'm so happy that you had a great time with your friends! I don't think anything can be better than a great friends day together.

    What a coincidence - I have a friend in a sling too! She didn't break her arm, she dislocated her shoulder in a ski accident - ouch!

  9. Those cakes look amazing!!!

    I hope that your friend gets better soon.


  10. Being with friends does have a way of brightening any day!
    Hope ypur friends arm heals soon and that Ginny is doing better.


  11. I love how you ended this with any day is a good day when surrounded by your friends.
    That is just so true.
    Glad you had such a nice day out.
    I have never had a dessert that looks like this and wow does it make me want one. lol
    So sorry about your friends arm. Hope it heals well.
    Thank you honey for the sweet comment about my post about Breast Cancer. I was not really sure about hitting the publish button because I did not know how it would be accepted. It seems it was okay to do it.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  12. That is an adorable dessert and what a love day outing!

  13. It sounds like a wonderful day. Food, friends and shopping? It couldn't help but be a perfect day.I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  14. that had to be a LOT of chatting for you to forget to photograph your food. those pastry's look great and i bet they were delish.

  15. oh those pastries! Oh those pastries! Oh those pastries! I can't really think about anything else right now!

  16. IT sounds like you and I had similar days yesterday--out door eating, trees heavy with blossoms, and warm temperatures, yet separated by many miles.

  17. Oh my goodness - you had me at those cakes - they are the prettiest things I've ever seen - lol. sandie

  18. Sounds like a perfect day...and the dessert, it looks to pretty to eat [maybe]!

  19. I love days like that! And you took full advantage of all that was offered.
    It's no fun nursing a broken arm, but it doesn't stop you from walking! :) Unfortunately, it looks like it's her right arm. Hope she's healing well.

  20. Bonnie, thank you so much for your sweet post about me and your prayers. The hospital let me go and did not admit me. They think I may have an auto immune disease and are starting me on steroids, which would not cure it but would make me feel all better. I am hoping they have finally diagnosed it, otherwise more tests. I love the pictures of your wonderful day!! Especially the pastry! It is bees on their hives, and your description sounds wonderful!!! Wish I could have had a taste!

  21. That sounds like a great fun day to me. You got me on the azaleas... We had a lot of them in our yard in Louisville and I really miss them each spring. There's nothing like a good day with friends though, food and all!

  22. Any day you can spend with your girlfriends is a glorious day! BTW that dessert looks soooo yummy! Hope your friend's arm heals quickly!

    Have a great week!


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