Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Garden and a Cool Cole Slaw Recipe

With temperatures hovering in the low 100s, it has taken most of my time and energy keeping the garden alive and thriving.  The Baker has done a great deal of the watering but the pruning (doing or directing) is my job.

The heat and humidity has been draining even at 7 a.m. most days.  Thirsty pots greet us each morning.  They reward us with colorful blooms and grateful roots.

We don't water the grass but there's enough shade in the back to keep it a decent shade of green.

I've heard that many aged trees are simply giving up.  It's sad to think of losing their beauty and shade.

Flowers, nestled beneath the protective branches of trees are thriving at the moment.

If it is really hot, Oliver likes to make himself comfortable in the hostas just outside the kitchen door.  If it isn't, he prefers to sun himself elsewhere in the garden.

Here is a cool recipe for the "dog days" of summer.  One of my book group friends made it for our last discussion and dinner.  The recipe is very similar to one served for decades at a local restaurant.  It's our new favorite slaw recipe and perfect picnic fare  as there is no mayonnaise to worry about spoiling.

Cole Slaw 

2 cups chopped cabbage
1/3 cup sliced green onions
1/4 cup chopped parsley


3 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp white vinegar
2 Tbsp canola oil
1 tsp sea salt

Whisk together and pour over the shredded cabbage an hour before serving.  Chill



  1. Something fresh and light for the summer sounds perfect.

  2. Glad you're back, Bonnie! Sounds like your summer is mimicing ours from last year. Though we are in the 100s now, it is more a "normal" hot Texas summer. Last year was brutal and we lost so many beautiful, big, old trees. I'll be hoping for some rain and cool weather for you. Oliver has the right idea. ;) blessings ~ t.
    ps thank you for the coleslaw recipe.

  3. Our gardens and grass are unusually forlorn and dry here also~

    They will perk up..:)

  4. everything your way looks a lot better than it does here Bonnie, the slaw looks so yummy.have a great weekend


  5. Bonnie,

    Just did a copy and paste on the coleslaw recipe. We are watering twice a day in Maine. Today is lovely but the temperatures the past week have been brutally hot. I have been trying to knit and the yarn is wet....


  6. Welcome back, Bonnie!
    Your garden looks lush. You are really taking good care of it!

    thanks for the recipe!


  7. Welcome back! My garden is looking mighty sad from this triple digit heat we are having! But the tomatoes continue to thrive!!!!
    Cole Slaw looks and sounds yummy!!!
    XO Kris

  8. I like this coleslaw as well, its like and fresh!

  9. Sounds really good! I love anything with cabbage:@)

  10. The slaw sounds wonderful! I enjoy a slaw with vinegar dressing. This one sounds perfect. Your plants are looking good for the weather we are having. I heard the trees are going dormant to protect themselves. It looks like fall around here. Hugs! Bonnie

  11. Bonnie, I will be trying your slaw recipe. The dressing sounds great for it. We have been doing some landscaping and it's near hopeless for the grass seed to take root. As for the bushes and flowers, we've never babied them so much as this summer. You would think it's winter in our neighborhood by the looks of the lawns, mostly brown. Have a nice rest of the weekend!

    The yards in our neighborhood would look exactly like winter,

  12. By the way, your yard, etc. look so nice, and I'm wondering what the name of the bush in the first photo is.

  13. We got some much needed rain on Wednesday and a little more on Thursday but we still need so much more! I have so many garden containers and areas it has been a real challenge keeping up with them and some of my pots (especially the tomatoes) have needed water twice a day. I hate to wish summer away but this one has been a scorcher!

    Love the slaw recipe!

  14. HI Bonnie, Welcome back. Sorry to hear that your weather still STINKS up there. We had a terrible drought in June --but it finally ended a week or so ago... AND--the temperatures are a little milder. Hope it stays this way now. AND--I hope you get some better weather soon.

    Slaw looks delicious on a hot, summer day...

  15. Thanks, Bonnie, for a great recipe. I love cabbage.

    Your garden looks lovely. My little back porch garden is looking so sad. Just too much sun on our back porch.


  16. Your garden looks wonderful despite the little patch of herbs is struggling!

  17. Thanks for a lovely recipe. Yes - you need rain! Prayers!

  18. Hi Bonnie, I would love to try this but have to confess my favorite coleslaw comes from KFC!

    Stay cool, Bonnie

  19. this drought has now covered 2/3 of the USA, i saw that on CNN while lazing in bed last week. it is very scary, you found beauty in your yard to share and that is good. the slaw sounds wonderful

  20. Couldn't be an easier recipe, Bonnie. Fresh and full of flavor.
    Glad you're back!

  21. It seems to be hot all over, it sure is here. But we did get some rain. This sounds so good and I love me some coleslaw! Thanks for popping in to see my little olden things.
    Be a swetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I am really sick of these high temps Bonnie - hopefully we'll get some repreive if it storms later on today.

    I hate mayo so I'll give this one a go! :D

  23. My grass looks more yellowish than green. The heating wave is returning though so I expect it to die altogether in spite of our efforts to wet it daily. How I miss coleslaw :). Lovely photos, you have a charming garden :). I bet it's a lot of work.

  24. Bonnie - so nice to meet you! We are suffering here in Virginia too. The heat has stressed our willow and all our plants. The garden is hanging on but not producing as in years past. We pray for rain but it goes north to DC and south to Richmond. Anyway - love your blog and photos. Hosta is my absolute favorite garden plant. We used to live in Tennessee where they really thrived. I'll be back and thanks for visiting!

  25. What a gorgeous garden for this time of summer. Everything is half dead and gone right now in my gardens! Love this cole slaw recipe . . . nice and cold and super easy!

  26. so glad to see you back! That slaw recipe sounds delicious and refreshing. i love a good slaw on any and everything

  27. Oh the heat! Hasn't it been miserable?!!! I love the idea of this light coleslaw. So delicious!

  28. Your garden looks wonderful and you would never know it was so hot there. Thankful for water aren't we?! The coleslaw recipe looks like a winner. BTW if that's your white picket looking fence, I like it! We've been away and I'm just blog-catching up now!

  29. I just made this Cool Cole Slaw, substituting chives for the green onions (I used what I had in the garden!) and shaving the cabbage in thin slices rather than chopping. It is DELICIOUS... a new favorite! I especially love the light dressing. So much better than mayo! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  30. Your garden look absolutely beautiful!

  31. I know it is a lot of work, but your beautiful garden seems to be thriving. I hope it cools down for you soon. You have had more than your share of too hot weather.

  32. It has been definitely the dog days of summer ! Hot and humid indeed.

    You have done a great job keeping your garden thriving.



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