Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bangers and Mash

My first taste of bangers and mash was in a London pub on Fleet Street.  I was poor, traveling on a tight budget, and the dish was cheap and filling.  It wasn't particularly memorable.  The conversation going on around me was, however, very interesting.

We had quite a bit of the colcannon (see previous post) left over when The Baker made a trip to Costco and came home with....

... authentic Irish style bangers.

I'm not sure how Irish bangers differ from English bangers.  As near as I can determine, bangers are simply sausages.  The sausages can contain various meats and seasonings.  The term "bangers" is thought to have come into existence when the sausages burst open when boiled.

Since it is pre-St. Patrick's day week, I thought that making the colcannon into potato pancakes simply by forming them into patties, dredging in a beaten egg, dipping them in plain breadcrumbs and sauteing in a bit of butter and olive oil would make a nice accompaniment to the bangers.  To avoid "fireworks, I decided to saute the bangers as well.  I just wasn't in the mood for explosions!!

The bangers were a bit bland but, when paired with a grainy mustard, were quite tasty.