Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine, Flowers, and Friends

Yesterday, my good friends and I headed out into the warm day.  Our first stop was for lunch at Sage in Valparaiso.   We actually took time to stop and "smell" the azaleas (do azalea blossoms smell?) that were bursting into fuscia blooms just outside the restaurant's door.  When we entered the restaurant, we met with other enticing aromas and were not disappointed in our delicious lunch.  We were chatting away and I completely forgot to photograph my delicious entree of pasta smothered in spring vegetables and two large and delicious sea scallops in a light and tasty olive oil and garlic sauce.

Out next stop was at the Antique Emporium in Chesterton where one friend sought out wine glasses.  She was successful in picking up eight delightfully springish ones.  I wasn't looking for anything but couldn't pass up a sterling silver sale.  A nice silver bracelet with a very pretty setting of turquoise came home with me.

Our shopping gave us an appetite for dessert and, right across the street was....

...Tonya's Patisserie 

We sat out on the porch and enjoyed....

...these delicious pastries accompanied by a cold beverage.  A cold beverage while sitting outside in mid-March is a real treat around here!!  We tried to dissect this lovely cake.  We decided that it started with a very thin, jelly roll genoise that was rolled up without jelly.  That was cut into 1/4 inch slices and eased into a domed mold.  Then a filling of vanilla pastry cream was added.  It was topped (or bottomed) by a round slice of the genoise and unmolded.  It was then brushed with a glaze of honey (we knew it was honey because a big fat bumble bee kept flitting around us) and strained apricot jam.  I'm going to try and entice The Baker to duplicate the treat!!

Other views included

A freight train and

an arm sling.

One of my dear friends is healing from a broken arm!!  

Any day that I am with my friends is a good day.  Being surrounded by warm breezes and beautiful flowering trees and bulbs made it an even better day!!