Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roses, Banana Flambe and The End of Sick Leave

Today was the unveil.  The cast came off!  It's time for this invalid to get back into the garden and the kitchen.  Admittedly, I'll miss the pampering but not the frustration.

The Baker picked an early morning bouquet of roses from the garden and had them on the table when I got up.

He made a special "getting my cast off" breakfast of crepes filled with lingonberry jam.  As I was patiently waiting for my food, I noticed a bit of flame dancing around a saute pan.  The Baker said he was preparing some special bananas to go along with the crepes.  Then he attempted to extinguish the flames by blowing on them.  I instructed him to put a lid on it--literally!  The bananas had the taste and consistency of a good banana pudding.  He simply sauteed them in a little butter and maple syrup.  After a few minutes, he added a dash of brandy (straight from the bottle--he knows now that doing so is a "no-no") to the pan and ignited it.  I'm not sure how long the flames were present until I rescued him and the bananas.  Probably only a few minutes.  He said he'd practice some more to get it down pat.  I'll share the results with you if the dish gets any better.