Sunday, June 10, 2012

Endives, Apples and Grapes Skillet

Our local farmer's market opened last week.  Asparagus is still plentiful as well as a number of leafy greens such as kale.  Knob onions are on the counter ready to be roasted.  It will be a few more weeks before we have tomatoes, beets, cucumbers.  Wanting something a little different for dinner, I remembered one of you posting this recipe from Dorie Greenspan's "Around My French Table" cookbook a month or so ago.  I went back to a few of my favorite blogs but couldn't find you.  So, let me know which one of you so deliciously led me to this recipe and you'll be my newest BFF.

The combination of Belgian endive, apples, grapes and fresh rosemary sauteed in a little butter would have never crossed my mind.  I'm so glad to have this in my repertoire because it will appear quite often.  The Baker took a few bites and proclaimed it "company worthy".

It's so easy that I don't even have to look back at the recipe.  You'll need two fat Belgian endives cut in half lengthwise; two apples (I used one gala and one fuji as recommended by Dorie) cut into fourths and cored; a handful of red or green seedless grapes (I used both); four small sprigs of fresh rosemary and two tablespoons of salted butter.

Melt the butter in a large non-stick frying pan on low heat.  Add all the ingredients as shown.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up for twenty minutes so you won't be tempted to touch the simmering vegetable and fruits.

After twenty minutes, turn all,  put your feet up for another twenty minutes and finish your wine.

Remove all to a heated bowl, salt the endive and deglaze the pan with about 1/4 cup of a good dry white wine.  Dorie used water so I'm sure that is just as good.  Pour over and serve.  

Update:  It was Penny over at who first posted this recipe.