Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Corn Recipe: Soup

I've become a corn snob.  There, it's good to get that off my chest.  I think I've always had a bit of my Aunt Ruth (the one who says "start the water boiling before picking the corn") in me.  Now I'm sure.  While I don't follow her advice quite to the "T", I do start planning the menu when my friend calls and asks if I'd like some just picked corn for dinner.

Our next-door neighbor came to the door the other day and handed me a bag of corn that he'd purchased downstate the day before.  I became a little corn-stressed when I realized that we had other dinner plans that day and the next and....well, it wouldn't get to table for three days after it was picked!

I then did what any corn-stressed person would do.  I shucked an ear to taste it.  Sweet and fresh tasting, I knew it couldn't last so decided to turn it into soup on the spot.  Why not?  Our weather has turned much cooler.  If the temperature climbed, I'd just turn down the ac during lunch.  Or, I could simply freeze the soup for a later meal.

Not even looking up a recipe, I started cutting the corn from the cobs (8 in all which made almost four cups of corn kernels).  While the corn waited, I cut a smallish onion into quarters and then thinly sliced each quarter.  Into the pot went about a tablespoon of butter.  I sauteed the onions for about two minutes over medium heat before adding the corn to saute for about three minutes.  I wasn't sure how much to embellish the pot so started with salt, pepper and adding a cup of half and half  and a cup of water.  I brought to more than a boil--I wasn't paying attention and caught the boiling-over action just in time.  No harm done!  I tasted the soup and found the corn to still have the slightest crunch and a sweet taste that needed no further embellishment.  I used the immersion blender for a quick little blend to give a bit of "body" to the soup.

We ended up with four servings of one of the best corn soups!  The Baker suggested I write down the recipe.  He knows my poor memory for such things!

I hope you will try it and enjoy....