Sunday, February 12, 2017

Birthday Party 2016

What were my parents thinking by giving me a January birthday?  Obviously not the weather!!  Unknown to each other, the parents of two of my best friends weren't thinking by welcoming them to the world in January either.  I'm so glad it worked out though.  There have been times during the twenty-five plus years that we've celebrated together that we've changed the date several times.  This year started out to be a travel challenge.  Our area has had little to no snow this winter.  However, on the eve of our celebration (a month after the actual date), a thin sheet of icy snow fell.

We conferenced and I offered to do our luncheon.  Yes, about three hours before the event, I agreed to be the hostess!!  Instead of meeting at Gamba's, our delicious restaurant of choice, we'd be dining at my house.  Having forewarned them the meal would be assembled from my freezer, I got busy setting the table.  It turned out to be the easiest entertainment ever!!  I didn't spend days deciding on the menu, grocery shopping, etc..

Minestrone Soup and Cornbread

I made a big batch of this delicious soup several weeks ago.  It was perfect for a very cold day.  There were five generous portions of homemade cornbread tucked into the freezer as well.  

Evolution's Poppyseed Cake

The Baker had made peanut butter cookies for a friend's children the day before.  I announced they would be dessert.  He didn't think them worthy of a birthday celebration so he headed out to a local sweet shop and came home with this cake.  The bottom layer is poppy seed.  That is topped with a vanilla cream, topped with a fruit gelatin.  Perched on top was a raspberry macaron.  Oh my!!

Of course there were presents
and good conversation.
It was another successful celebration!


  1. The ease of hosting long-time friends. I'm sure 2017 will also be successful.

  2. You were able to put together a relaxing and delicious meal! Happy birthday and best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

  3. Those last minute gatherings around one's table can be the sweetest. It looks like a good winter lunch, and the sweet dessert looks amazing. So nice to grow older with good friends over the years.

  4. Very nice! Glad you could all celebrate together:@)

  5. wow, you each got 3 presents? how fun is that? and that cake looks delish from here and so does the soup and corn bread. happy belated birthday to both of you

    1. There were three of us. We each two presents.

  6. what a lovely husband to think you needed a fantastic cake !!! kisses for him for sure. and a lovely meal with wonderful friends is always a blessing! Happy Belated Birthday!

  7. His cake is GORGEOUS!! You were all very brave to venture out for fixins! I would love to come over and look through your freezer! It must be full of delightful surprises. I can see where this would remove quite a bit of stress. It avoids days of planning and fretting. The minestrone looks mouth watering!! I always love seeing a new post from you!

  8. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie! I love spontaneous gatherings! They are less stressful... especially, if we could all have your freezer stash available! Absolutely perfect! And, I love than Andrew braved the cold to provide a wonderful birthday dessert for you girls! May you all enjoy many more of these times. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  9. My sister was born in January too, and our youngest grandson. Glad you finally got a celebration with your friends and the soup and cake look wonderful!

  10. Have a nice time with all of them as well as yummy dishes:)

  11. That freezer meal looks positively delish! I hope your year is filled with nothing by wonderful things!


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