Tuesday, April 3, 2018


When the table is set, one knows the "event" is going to happen soon. Here is our Easter table waiting for a basket of flowers and the food. Oh, and most importantly, the guests. There were no children among the eight of us so no eggs were hidden. It was a good thing since it was very cold and windy outside.

I meant to take a photo of the table after we had devoured the delicious all natural ham from Whole Foods, potatoes au gratin, broccoli salad and orange-almond torte but completely forgot. Oh, and our starter was deviled eggs. Deviled eggs that I had to prepare myself since, Steve, our long-time egg deviler was recuperating from knee surgery. He gave me good instructions on how to prepare those eggs so they'd peel. It either worked or there was an Easter miracle because the peels slid right off those eggs.

This sweet bunny has been a part of our Easter decor for several decades now. He cutely and quietly listens to conversations that run from poetry to prose to politics to religion. 

This tin has also been in the table scatter decor for a very long time--1980 to be exact. It has been toted from Texas to South Carolina to here.

Wishing you all a happy, warm and flower-filled spring!


  1. What a beautiful table Bonnie. Your menu sounds perfect too. Enjoy Spring!

  2. the table is beautiful and perfect for Easter. i like the lace cloth. Mother always had a lace cloth over a solid table cloth just like this. she had a pale pink cloth under her lace for Easter.....

  3. I love your crochet overlay on the table! Sounds like you had a good Easter!

  4. Hope you had a very Happy zEaster! Your dinner menu sounds delicious. I need the "shells peel off boiled egg" trick, Bonnie. I know to use older eggs but still have trouble. Maybe it's livIng at high altitude that gives me trouble? I confess I bought already peeled eggs this year at Costco for my deviled eggs.

  5. It is always a good day for me when you post...I wish you would more! I miss my hometown friend! I have always admired your genius for decoration, and this table is pastel minimalist beauty!! The colors make me sigh and sink into the couch.

  6. As always, your table (food, folks and settings) is perfect! I know such good conversations take place around this spot! Please share the egg trick. We all need it! Ha! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  7. So blessed were the guests who sat around and dined at your beautiful table!
    Peeling eggs is a disaster almost every time for me....I'm thrilled for your success. How in the world did you accomplish the peels sliding right off??

  8. Bonnie, its a beautiful Easter table-The menu sounds delightful. And the fact the eggs peels right off, fabulous. I avoid deviled eggs because of the peel. Don't hesitate to give us a tutorial on peeling eggs properly.

    Happy spring!


  9. Your menu sounds delicious! I just love to shop at Whole Foods. The little bunny in the basket is adorable'

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous Easter.
    We had a quiet one with snow falling.

    M :)

  11. What a lovely table, Bonnie! Your table cover is so pretty with the floral details. We had a quiet Easter as our grands were in Florida on vacation but having everyone for a belated party this weekend. Hope it warms up soon!

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