Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Royal Wedding With Friends

The hats!  I'm always amazed by the hats that attend English weddings (and the Kentucky Derby).  I wondered if there were peacocks, egrets and other plumed birds strutting around minus a few feathers.  In fact, I decided to check this out so I did a Google search and was not pleased with what I found.  We'll not go into details in this post.  I will only say that the hats of today are adorned with far less plumage than those of the past.

My (mini) fascinator had only two white feathers that look like they were plucked from the ground near a chicken coop which was fine with me.  I think the pearls and large diamond made up for the lack of feathers.

Yes, of course I wore white gloves.

Thelma was sparkly (I wish I had photographed her shoes!  But, how does one request a shot like that?)!!

Sue added a breath of spring and, almost, matched the Queen in her color choice.

Jane, our hostess, was in a proper fascinator.  No guest would mind sitting behind her at the wedding.
Our seats were front row.  We didn't have to rise from our beds in the wee morning hours either.  Jane had asked her "smart" television to record the event as seen through the eyes of PBS (no commercial breaks!!).

Arriving at 10 a.m., we were promptly seated and served a delicious coffee cake accompanied by a hot cup of proper English tea.  We enjoyed the commentary by various broadcasters.  There was still much speculation over the wedding dress and the designer.  The wedding cake baker from the U.S. was interviewed as she was preparing to put the final touches on the cake.  The florist was making the final delivery on the flowers.  Everything was happily falling into place--at least as far as we could tell.

A bit after noon, we paused to plate our lunches.  The delicious choices included:

Crudites with green goddess dip.

Deviled eggs.
Take notice of that lovely tablecloth.  
Jane embroidered it when she was in high school!

My plate.
Yes, I had to try everything.
How else could I tell you how delicious it all was?


Wedding cake?
Of course!

The bride was stunning in a simple but elegant dress.
The groom was handsome in his uniform.

One of the most touching scenes for me was the empty chair beside Prince William in honor of his mother, Princess Diana.  I'm actually not a hundred percent sure of this but I'm going with it as fact.

I loved that the bride carried forget-me-nots.  They were her late mother-in-law's favorite.

Loved that the Bishop read from an iPad!!  Loved his words as well.

The young cellist (who had on polka dot socks and his left shoe was untied) was fabulous.

The gospel choir made me want to tap my toes and shout!

In fact, it was a wonderful celebration.  I wouldn't have changed a thing!!

Thank you Jane for inviting
us to the wedding.

It was lovely!


  1. what a fun way to watch, friends and food and the food looks fantastic. we are all learning what fascinators are, saw them at Prince William wedding for the first time. I love the beauty of the egg plate...

  2. Oh what fun . . .
    A bit of delicious and champagne too.
    Great idea, wish I had thought of it . . .
    I enjoyed your recap . . . the empty chair, the forget-me-nots . . .
    I loved watching this happy event . . .

  3. What a lovely party! The Royals don't know what they missed.

  4. Thank you for the lovely post! You caught all the fun of our time together with your beautiful photos and words. What great memories we'll have of that wonderful wedding. Love, Jane

  5. What a nice way to enjoy the festivities. By the way, you mentioned proper English tea. Will it be frowned upon if I order lemon with my morning Earl Grey at a London hotel?

    1. Absolutely! After all, we broke with tradition around 1783.

  6. I missed seeing the wedding but from all the descriptions of it, it sounded so lovely! Your viewing party looks like fun! I was at a historical conference that morning. I'm fascinated by western history!

  7. OOO, I wish I could have been there with fun...and I love love hats...I would have found a lovely one to wear to join you.
    My daughter and a grandgirl and I watched most of it....

  8. How fun!! You ladies really have style....and you had wedding cake too!

  9. lovely and fun! absolutely love this couple!! and they look so happy, xoxo

  10. BTW I love all the food ! fun and delicious!

  11. Bonnie..I love this lucky are you girls to have each other to share this with?
    SOOOO lucky.
    Do you know that the word fascinator..was unknown to me before all this ?Love has just enough glam for me;)
    The food..the cake..

    happy you hadso much fun..and I just learned things here!

  12. Looks like fun! I watched it on BBC America on Saturday, instead of getting up at 3 am! I heard contrary to belief, that the empty chair was not about Diana. My daughter, who lives in London, told me the other day that Brits find it comical and fascinating that we here in the United States are obsessed with royal weddings haha.

  13. Looks and sounds like a great time was had by all.
    Smart to have it recorded.

    Love the hats.

    M : )

  14. I went to a wedding here several years ago and fell in love. The San Francisco wedding venues are beautiful and I was so incredibly impressed and charmed with this place that when I got engaged, we didn't even shop around. It was this place or bust.

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