Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back to School

I was in Target a few days ago.
I shouldn't have gone then.
I forgot the store would be crowded with parents and children
shopping for back-to-school items.
It wasn't so much the crowded aisles that bothered me.
It was the fact that I had no need of those supplies.
I didn't have two little boys with me searching for just the right backpack.
No little fists holding lists of items to be checked off:
yellow pocket folders,
green spiral one subject notebooks,
no. 2 Ticonderoga pencils,
and the list goes on.

No need to search out pants to replace the ones an inch too short.
No need to decide on crew-neck sweaters
or polo-style shirts.

No need to say "no" to those action figure lunchboxes.
They were never really lunch takers.
I was never a pack- a- healthy- but- interesting- lunch mom.
I did make sure I was at home when they came home.
I made sure there was a good snack.
I made sure I could always put my hands on
the keys to the Volvo so we could get to whatever
practice, meeting, appointment came next.

As I stood in line at the Target checkout,
I saw, or imagined I saw, as much excitement 
in the faces of the parents as I saw in the faces of 
the children.  Excitement for the coming school year.
I silently wished them all success in learning.

Those two little boys I shopped with have long 
grown into successful young men.
I still miss those shopping trips!


  1. It is truly true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I had the same thing happen to me, I forgot about the school shoppers and every time a running, screaming child almost knocked me down, I thought Thank You Lord I don't have little kids any more. the store was a riot of running screaming kids. I told my friend I did not cry when mine went to school, I could not wait for them to go to school and shopping for all that you mentioned was a true chore, and I left them home with mother and sped through the store grabbing things on the list. same scene different eyes... I still don't shop except on line and for food to eat.

    1. As you can gather from my post, I loved shopping with the boys and miss it.

  2. What emotions must have flooded through you on that day!! Sadness, but joy in a job well done of raising two good boys. I still love the smell of school supplies, I find them to be intoxicating. The boys were just adorable!!

  3. Me too! Today I have been browsing Instagram looking for all the first day of school post the parents of my former students are posting. Some are starting kindergarten and some are beginning their last year of university. I try to leave a note of support for both the mom and student. I now have a grandson going into Pre-K. I told him... we are in the same grade now... I'm not for sure he got my joke. I do hope your week is starting off well. Hugs.

  4. I had kids in school from 1980 to 2015!! It really hit me that fall when Ellen, our baby, was not going to return and I wouldn't be doing any school shopping. I fought back tears....and I was in Target, if my memory is correct :) Thankfully we live with grandchildren and I get to pack lunches and take them to the bus school kid days continue!

  5. What a sweet story, Bonnie! I miss those days too when I, instead, shopped with two little girls eager to get their Rainbow Bright, Care Bears or My Little Pony lunch boxes or back packs :)

  6. Loved your “beginning school days” reflecting . . .
    Sweet young boy faces . . .
    Exciting those days were . . . getting all the things in order . . .
    And it still happens today . . .
    Oh . . . there may have been those who didn’t look forward to going to school . . .
    Not many though . . . I am sure . . .

    Thank you for visiting the Irish GH Bonnie . . .
    Happy to see your name and thoughts pop up in my comments . . .

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  8. Beautifully written, Bonnie. I enjoyed seeing those school photos of your handsome sons. I also miss those childhood days but I have been fortunate to relive some of them through my grandchildren, They are also growing up too fast!

  9. You said this perfectly! I go through this every August as well. I'm very fortunate I can say the same thing, my little boy has grown up with a family of his own! Now I enjoy buying a few back to school tings for my grandson. Sweet pics of your boys............


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