Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Summertime--At Last

I had an e-mail from my favorite farmer on Monday evening.  "I'll have about ten pounds of tomatoes at tomorrow's market."  I threw meal planning aside and knew what we'd have for dinner supper Tuesday evening.  Summer comes late to the foot of Lake Michigan.  While I start thinking of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on whole grain bread in late May, I know the reality of that happening then.  Our spring was not an easy one.  LE Garden, my favorite farmer's farm, spent much of the spring under water.  Short of hydroponic gardening, I knew a big bag of those tasty tomatoes would be unusually late.  They were worth the wait!  Our side dish was a beautiful, tasty ear of corn from said farm.  In just a few minutes, I'll put some lovely chioggia beets into the oven to roast.  

As I'm typing this, a mother turkey and three youngsters waddled by the window looking onto  the back lawn.  As thoughts turn to summer, fall comes to mind.

I hope all of you are well and enjoying summer and it's bounty.


  1. A BLT with garden-fresh tomatoes is a super supper!

  2. That has made me change my mind about what's for supper tonight. I can just taste yours! Waiting for the best makes it even more special, doesn't it?

  3. What a lovely surprise to see you again! The sandwich looks so yummy! Sounds like you live out in the country. We have had quite a bit of flooding this summer too. Still, I will hate to see it go. I hope you are both doing very well!

  4. fall is far far away from our minds here but this sandwich will be stuck in my mind until I HAVE ONE.. yum

  5. There is nothing that screams summer more than the first BLT. It looks yum!

  6. I just picked the first big tomatoes from my garden and BLTs are on the menu for tomorrow :) I'm already drooling!

  7. Mr. Ken would be in heaven.
    We have had such a hot dry summer, I
    am so looking forward to fall. Hopefully
    it will be a cool one.

    M : )

  8. We planted our tomatoes late this summer (last week in June in fact) and just now our tomatoes are getting ready. And I'm ready for the classic summer sandwich such as yours Bonnie, it never, ever gets old. Nor does that simple comfort feeling when biting in and thinking of summer!

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