Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Cold Vegetable Soup to Sip

I've found that some people don't like cold soups.  My introduction to cold soup came at a Polish restaurant in London.  It was basically buttermilk and cucumbers.  It was delicious!  Cold beet soup and cold carrot soup come to our table frequently in the summer.

Last summer, a friend served a most delicious soup at a summer luncheon.  Several of us asked for the recipe but she seemed a bit reluctant to share.  I realize that it is o.k. to keep some recipes secure in the recipe box.  A few weeks ago, she invited me for lunch and once again served the soup in a crystal bowl.  Oh my!  It was even tastier than I'd remembered.  As I was leaving, she said "I'm giving you the recipe.  Share it on your blog if you'd like".  Instead of handing me a recipe card, she told me how to make the soup.

I served it to Andrew, who liked it and suggested that it would be good sipped through a straw.  I agree.

Here is her recipe:

Chilled Vegetable Soup from Anita 

1 46 ounce can of V-8 juice
8 oz of plain yogurt

Whisk until well blended and chill.
With Anita's blessing, I added a dash of Sriracha and the juice of a whole lime



  1. Wow, how easy is that! I will definitely give this a try. We really like cold soups and sometimes serve them in demitasse cups as an appetizer.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I will be going to the grocery store in a day or two and will serve it this week. AND it is healthy! I can see where your friend wanted to think she had slaved away all day in the kitchen! Thank you! And thank your friend for being so sweet and relenting, big hug from Ginny.

  3. i might be able to follow this recipe... LOL... if someone will go to the store and get the yogurt and funny on sharing the recipe. i have a punch recipe that each time i took it somewhere people would say this is delicious and ask for the recipe. i served it at my wedding..
    1 large cherry cool aid mixed and add 1 very large can of pineapple juice... float ice cubes made from pineapple juice in it.

  4. What a nice, easy recipe! I like V8 juice so I'm sure I'd like this cold soup. I like cold soups this time of the year as my maternal grandmother was Ukrainian so we often were served cold beet borscht when we visited her home during summer vacation.

  5. I like V8. How simple is this soup…perfect for a refreshing summer starter. :)

  6. You have a savvy friend! I'm one of the folks that haven't tried cold soup... Gotta get on that:@)

  7. Totally easy..maybe that's why she was reluctant to share?:)
    Sometimes we are shy if it is too easy?
    The first cold soup I tasted kept me off cold soups for at least 10 yrs.
    Yes..that awful:)

    Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

  8. This sounds good and I should try it. I've only had cold soup once, it surprised me. I was expecting it to be hot and have never tried one since.

  9. I did a cooking demonstration recently in which I prepared a cold yellow squash soup…Cold soups are delicious. All I need is a V-8 and yogurt? That works for me.


  10. Oh, that sounds delicious, Bonnie! I agree with Monique - she was probably embarrassed that it was such a simple recipe. Some of the best recipes are simple. This would be such a lovely starter in the summer! Can't wait to try it.


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