Thursday, July 7, 2016

Container Gardening and Post 4th of July Post

Container gardening is the way to go--at least for me with limited space.

No weeds!

Basil for pesto.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (and basil)
for the table.

A delicious spread for our 4th indoor picnic.

Diana always wins the coveted "Best Plating" award.

Apple pie or strawberry shortcake for dessert?
This year, strawberry shortcake was the winner.

It was good to have Scott, Sue, Jane, Jim, Diana and Steve to join in our celebration!!  Later, we settled in to view A Capitol Fourth.  Despite the fact that the fireworks were not live, it was a good show.


  1. oh yum oh yum oh yum yum yum.. and that plate really is worthy of the best plate and also the healthiest award to. some of all but tiny little bits. i need someone to serve me like that after locking me in a room with no food access.

  2. What glorious food you had! What can be better than good food with friends? So where are the containers? On your porch? And WHAT is the plant in the first picture? The leaves are perfectly round. One sign of an excellent cook is using fresh herbs.

    1. The plants are on the patio. That plant is a nasturtium. The flowers are lovely on salads and have a peppery taste. No flowers yet though.

  3. Looks like your plants are doing great! Is there dill in the potato salad? G-Mom-B would be happy:@)

  4. I love your herb garden- everything looks lush, green, and healthy! :)

  5. I've missed you and am happy to see that good food and gardening is still in your parts!

  6. It looks good and healthy and wonderful food for your fourth. White plates sure do present a lovely food presentation.

  7. Hi Bonnie, I have missed you. I'm back to blogging again. No, not at my classic film blog---those days are done, though the blog remains. I started back a little over a month ago, and I'm enjoying being back and seeing what my all my sweet blog friends are up to.

    I container garden too. About 10 years ago, I did a huge in-ground garden, but after 2 summers, I realized gardening wasn't really my thing. (The weeds were what convinced me of that.) Now, I just do containers for a few herbs---basil, rosemary, cilantro, lavender---and a container for Roma tomatoes.

    I just cut a huge amount of basil yesterday. Pesto is going to be made today! Love that stuff!


  8. I container garden due to our soil having too much clay in it.
    I am not big into amending the soil and all the other stuff
    that goes into fixing the ground to plant in.

    Great pics.

    Happy weekend!!

    M : )

  9. Delicious food and fun with friends makes the holiday perfect, Bonnie. Your container garden looks to be plentiful.

  10. It sounds like you had a great holiday. Love your pots. I have trouble growing nasturtiums here, so I'm a tad envious.

  11. Your plants look great, Bonnie! I agree, container gardening is nice! I'd like to fork into that potato salad, it looks delicious as does the rest. Glad you had a festive 4th!

  12. I do a lot of container gardening also because my patio is where I have the most sunshine :) What a wonderful spread you had on the 4th!

  13. I love herb container gardens. They seem to do so much better for me. Love your strawberry shortcake! Hope you're having a lovely summer.


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