Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bard and the Hot Dog

Last evening was our date with Shakespeare at the Pier.  "As You Like It" was the play.  Although I prefer the tragedies to the comedies, this is my favorite comedy.  Of all the Bard's plays that I've seen, I think this was the best.  From Rosalind and Orlando to every shepherd and shepherdess, the cast was completely immersed in, and engaged with, the role they played.   

We've been dining (I probably should say supping) at Fox and Obel for years.  Andrew stocks up on breads and I visit the beautiful array of oils and vinegars (anyone interested in a $175 bottle of aged balsamic vinegar?).  We then find a window seat in their cafe and have a quick meal before the theater.  We aren't the only ones.  There are several Wednesday night regulars that we later see in the lobby at the theater.

This photo (taken with my trusty Panasonic digital that has been somewhat neglected since the Canon SLR came on the scene) reminds me of Hopper's "Nighthawks"--from the inside looking out.  That's Illinois St. and all we have to do is walk out, turn right and it's just a few blocks (Chicago blocks) to Navy Pier.

We usually have a cup of coffee to make sure we don't fall asleep during the performance!!

While Andrew was making his bread selections, I saw some delicious looking hot dog buns coming out of the oven.  I picked up six since I've had hot dogs on my mind recently.  My non-hot dog eating husband asked what I planned for the buns.  "I'm wanting a hot dog for one and maybe lobster or shrimp rolls for the rest" I replied.  As we were headed out, he said "Oh, I picked up two hot dogs."  "Two?"  "Yes, at the meat counter."  Hmm, I didn't know that one could even purchase two.  I also didn't know what was in them--pork? beef? fowl?  Oh well, they looked good.

They were.  Buns and "mystery meat" hot dogs.  I cut most of the way through the hot dog, flattened it and browned it in a saute pan on both sides.  I had mine with mustard, sweet pickle relish and fresh onion.  As usual, the buns were longer than the franks.  Why is that?


  1. What a nice evening! And glimpse out to a city street. The hotdog does look good ... I have a yen for one from time to time. Not sure about the answer to the roll or bun and it's length, but it seems to often be the case!

  2. You're a lady after my own heart. I love hot dogs. My husband did not like them, nor my son, so I never made them at home. Whenever we had them at our school with baked beans, the lunchroom ladies knew I was going to have the lunch that day.

    I love Fox & Obel. I used to get their e-mails regularly, but I finally unsubscribed since I don't make it to Chicago very often.

  3. YUMMY!!!!! Sounded like a quaint place!!

  4. I like to slice mine lengthwise and fry it, too! Take it a step further and when it's done, spread it open and sprinkle cheddar cheese in it, put it under the broiler. Also butter the roll and broil a bit till lightly toasted and buttery. The grocery store now has long bun length dogs! But these's not much choice among them.

  5. Fox & Obel is one of my favorite places in Chicago and my daughter and SIL take me there each time I visit. We always come away with wonderful treats. I have to admit that I love a good hot dog.

  6. I have not been to Fox and Obel yet . . . will add it to my list of places to visit. Thanks.


  7. mmm, you are making me want a hot dog and haven't had one for a great while. Actually I think we may have had one on the 4th of July because we were craving them! We hopped one dog, once in a while, would not harm us , lol.

    I think I like the comedy's the best. We used to have a Shakespeare theater in Ct or Mass. when I was a kid, but now I can't remember where. When my kids were in college there was a group that would tour the college campuses and they were so good--they used no scenery--just the actors , but you would get so wrapped up in the story that you wouldn't notice.

    I love all of those coffee cups in the picture!

  8. Sounds like you had a delightful evening and it looked like the weather outside was in your favor.

    The hot dog... looks like it would give the Varsity here a run for its money. The Varsity is known for their dogs. One of my favorite things to splurge on.

  9. Love love love Fox and Obel! I've only been there once, when my fam was living in the Chicago area, and I instantly fell in love! So much fun to do a night on the town with theatre and dinner!

  10. I've had hot dogs on the mind too here lately.
    One of these days I will have one.


  11. I've always wondered why the dog didn't fit the bun, too. But, man, oh, man, I do love a good hot dog! LOL! Your evening sounds splendid, Bonnie. Loved your photos and I'm sure your little Panasonic was happy to be in use again! ;) Blessings ~ Tanna

  12. Hot dogs sound great I am on my way over. Fox & Obel is a great store.

  13. The Bard and the Hot Dog sounds like it could be another comedy title and I hope your hot dog was As You Like It :)

    What a great evening! That does look like a wonderful place to eat too. I love the view looking out the window.

    I do enjoy a hot dog opened as fried as you do or on the grill in the summer. If you are looking for a new, delicious and different grilled hot dog recipe, check out my post of 6/12/09.

  14. I love a good hotdog every once in awhile, Bonnie. AND--I want chili and onions and mustard on mine. And --sometimes I even put shredded cheese on it...

    WELL--I've also been known to have a hotdog with slaw on it... I like it most anyway I can get it...

    I don't eat them much --but when I do, I love 'em.... ha ha

    Glad you enjoyed the play... It sounds wonderful.

  15. Living 55 miles NW of Chicago, we don't get down there very often - I miss Fox & Obel! I used to stop there at least twice a week when I worked downtown - best olive selection in the city!

  16. I crave a hot dog every now and then- this one sounds delicious! Sounds like a fun evening!

  17. Gosh, I can't remember the last time I ate a hot dog. I'm thinking that should be our first outside grilled item when the weather warms up.

  18. Hotdogs are my guilty pleasure because I honestly could live on hotdogs, I love them...but sadly I seldom eat them anymore. Yours looks wonderful.


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