Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Crown Point Library

I posted this photo last summer.  The site had been cleared and the foundation laid.  On my return from Virginia in late October last year (it really was a dark and stormy night), I was stunned to see the north wall of the library in place.

Due to exceptionally good weather since then, the progress of the new building has been on, and ahead of, schedule all year.  Much work has gone on behind the scenes as well.   I had a tour of the new building last week.  It is WONDERFUL!!  I can't wait to take all of you on a tour as well.  Soon!

Today's headline!!

I have to admit that, at last week's board meeting, nostalgia set in.  We'll all miss our old and cramped quarters.  Well, just a little.  The town is abuzz with anticipation.


  1. I know this is long anticipated but how nice it came to fruition a bit ahead of time! There must be a lot of pride and excitement!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my day yesterday! :-)

  2. Bonnie, I can't wait to see the new library. How exciting!

  3. How neat, Bonnie. I know that Crown Point is excited about that new library... George is jealous since they didn't have anything like that when he grew up there!!!! ha....

    Your header makes my mouth water....YUM...

  4. How exciting! I'm glad things are progressing nicely:@)

  5. this is exciting, you know i love our library, this will be wonderful, i am wondering if they will do ebooks for the kindles like ours does.

    1. Yes, we already do Ebooks and they are very popular.

  6. I love libraries and new ones are especially fun. It is lovely it will be open before winter ... a cozy place to visit.

    What are you reading this summer?


  7. Love Libraries mine is so little but help me a lot in kids book and mine and have some lovely cook books too!

  8. We have two libraries that we can use. One is brand new and the other a quaint smaller one. I live closer to the new one, but many times find myself at the smaller one.There are more activities at the little one...like book clubs etc.
    I hope you enjoy your new one...Balisha

  9. I'm looking forward to a tour of the new building. I suspect it will be something really special. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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