Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

I don't plan on hitting the sales today.
I just want to bask in the warm memories of yesterday.
Our children spent the day on opposite coasts.
We had precious telephone visits.
We missed them at our table.

Dear friends were present though.
We've shared Thanksgiving dinner with them for the past twenty-five years.
This year, like those passed, we enjoyed delicious food and good conversation.
After dinner, we spent a good bit of time discussing the Enigma Code 
and how it was broken.  I'm not exactly sure how that conversation started.

Here's Diana.
Have you ever seen a more artistically arranged plate?
Or a lovelier smile?

Thank you Jane and Jim, Diana and Steve 
and The Baker for making it such a special day.


  1. No I haven't. So glad you and your family & friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving Bonnie. I won't be hitting the stores either. I worked in management for many years in what are now all Macy's and wild horses couldn't drag me there. Enjoy your peaceful and quiet weekend.

  2. We also had a great Thanksgiving with friends. The family was scattered this year. I plan to spend the day reading and catching up with blogs; yours among them. Shopping can wait.

  3. glad you had a wonderful day with friends and that is a killer smile

  4. Glad you had wonderful phone time with children, good friends and delicious food! Hope your celebration continues through the weekend!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. What a nice friendly open face:)I wish I could buy that smile.

    How wonderful that you have such wonderful friends on top of a lovely family..and O.

  6. I shall not go out either. Yesterday's dinner with friends was wonderful. My family is scattered as well so our friends are family for the holidays. I am basking as well. Dishes have been put away and that is it for today. I shall read and knit and nap!


  7. It is hard when you can't all be together. Two of our kids were with their significant others family. One was out of state. Boo hoo! But I have a large family, and we gathered at Mom's. It was a good day!
    xo Kris

  8. I don't even go out for the mail on Black Friday! Sounds like you had a fun day! My plate was a little more... heaped:@)

  9. Glad to heard. You had s lovely and happy holiday enjoy your weekend:)

  10. Her plate is beautiful and so is she! How come you and the boys are on different coasts? How did they get there? You are SMART, I have never even heard of the enigma code, now I am off to Google it!

  11. Sorry your kids weren't there - ours weren't either - my daughter had to work but was happy with the time and a half pay - I am meeting her out for coffee tomorrow though!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. Lovely lady and yes, that plate is worth photographing! Glad you had such a nice day.

  13. Your day sounds so great. How fun to have Thanksgiving with the same friends for so many years. I am sure you were missing the boys and their families.

    I woke up at 5 on Friday and about 6:30 made an impromptu and quick run to Target for three things on my Christmas list. Not a fan of Black Friday.


  14. No, she has a great smile and it's a delicious looking plate of food! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with your friends, Bonnie!

    Both sons were here with families, and our "brilliant" :-) 2 1/2 years old grandson who wears his sunglasses upside down; and assorted relatives. Lots of good food, laughs and reminiscing. And lots of sports talk, etc, but no Egnima Code, although it's an interesting topic! Are you ready for the bitter cold weather coming our way?

  15. By the way, never ever any Black Friday shopping. Most of mine is by internet now and I love it!

  16. Bonnie, I've loved catching up today!! Looks like you had a wonderful December. AND a graduation to celebrate! I hope Oliver received all his wishes from Santalmation. ;) Wishing you all the very best in 2014! blessings ~ tanna


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