Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow, Santa(s) and Soccer

The presents are all wrapped!
Well, the ones I could find are wrapped.

A final (for now) tweaking of the tree
was done while snow fell outside the window.

Santas line up on the dining room server.

Oliver watches the soccer game.

It is a festive kind of day!


  1. Look beautiful! and I love Oliver, here my kid is sick and is watching soccer game too!:)
    Your dog is lovely! Bonnie!

  2. It looks so pretty and cozy. Nice to have your tree backdropped by windows showing the falling snow! Isn't it funny how we can lose presents!

  3. Gorgeous tree! I love the large balls!

  4. It's all very pretty! I'm trying to keep up with the cats as they try to destroy all the wrappings, and I imagine Oliver would never do anything like that! It must be a good game! We've got about 3" of the white stuff and still snowing.

  5. bob is watching football to. i am reading my kindle, or i was, and will now after i click publish. beautiful tree and you must have a gazillion ornaments. you have the perfect corner for it to sit...

  6. I misplaced half my tags:) Hid them well for when I was away.. ordered more(black and white pics of everyone..) to find them this aft!

    Snow here again tomorrow..That Oli has the life of Riley:)
    Love that your tree looks like you have keepsakes there:)

  7. Sounds lovely. (looks lovely, too.)


  8. Your tree is very pretty and congrats on having the presents wrapped! Oliver looks intent on the game. We were supposed to have flurries and as of now it's well over 3"... Enjoy your day:@)

  9. Your tree is gorgeous!! A vision in blues and golds. And I love the little white ones, where did you get them? I might buy a few f I can find them. No big tree this year because of the mischievous cats. but I need to get something because of the girls.

  10. Lovely tree Bonnie. Glad to see it's snowing instead of an ice storm.

  11. Getting in the Christmas mood- enjoy! Dod you see the U.S. bracket for the World cup? YIKES!

    1. It looks like you sre more than ready!

      M : )

  12. Your tree is beautiful! Don't you just love to watch the snow fall from the warmth of your home?
    Oliver looks like he owns the place. Just like Ducey and Dusty here!!! Give him a pat on the head for me!
    xo Kris

  13. Ha ha...I haven't lost any presents, because I haven't bought them yet. :) That's one good thing about waiting 'til the last minute. Your tree is beautiful! Sounds like you had a lovely snowy day inside.

  14. I have to chuckle as the joke around here is that Christmas seems to happen at Valentine's Day, too....I am very good at securing the "goods" for the winter! I hope that I find them ALL this year.... Lovely tree!


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