Friday, December 6, 2013

Love, Oliver

Dear Santamatian:

It's me, Oliver the dalmatian.  I'm a little late with my letter this year.  My "dog house" has been a hubbub of activity.  It's the only time of the year that a tree appears in my living room.  The master and mistress haul out boxes of pretty and colorful (I'm NOT colorblind) "things".  They smile and talk about where those "things" came from a long time ago.  I like seeing them so happy so I try to help.  I'm really sorry, Santamatian, that I broke one of the pretty baubles this year.

There are a few other things I sort of regret.  For example, I love to run and slide in the garden mulch.  It does make a mess but, well, I'm really sorry.  And, all those squirrels I bark at on my walks?  Have they mentioned anything to you?  I sort of feel it's my job to keep them off the ground and on those wires above my streets.

On the "good" side, I bring joy to my town during my twice-daily constitutionals around the neighborhood.  When it's warm and the big doors are open, I stop to say hello at the firehouse.  The shopkeepers around the town square sometimes come out to greet me.  I'd say my walks could go in the "good" column for sure.  Well, unless you weigh too heavily on my walks in colder weather when I really need a jacket.  I don't like that jacket.  It's the wrong color for one thing.  Green is not right for a dalmatian.  Santamatian, if you have a red one at the North Pole, I'd sure like to have it.  I promise to stop running from the kitchen through the dining room and down the hall to keep from putting it on.  Of course, I'm just being playful.  A green jacket is not going to keep me from my walks!

I ask you, Santamatian, could you resist a nest of pillows on a freshly-made bed.  I can't!  Before you can say "No, no Oliver", I'm settling down in those pillows and falling fast asleep.  I do appreciate my own beds in various locations but they don't have pillows.

Lastly, Santamatian, I truly regret eating that half stick of butter softening on the kitchen cabinet.  I don't deserve all the blame.  My mistress should not have left it in reach.  Maybe you could count that trangression against her??

So, I'm hoping that you'll bring me a squeaky toy or two.  Some tasty treats would be nice.  I'll leave you a plate of biscuits on the hearth and be quiet as a mouse when you come down the chimney.

See you soon!



  1. Poor Oliver, I know how he feels, I broke an ornament this year too! Not fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Santa brings him a red coat:@)

  2. well I think your good stuff far out weighs you naughty stuff, so here is hoping you get those toys you want and a red sweater...

  3. Aw, poor Oliver. I've broken ornaments too and felt really bad about them. And I'm sure Santa won't hold that stick of butter against you. Really, how could you help yourself?

  4. Bless your little heart, Oliver! You have to be the best Dalmatian ever! I'm sure all is forgiven by Santamatian and your masters. I bet they look back on all your adventures with smiles on their faces and a chuckle or two. By the way, I don't care for green either, so I hope Santamatian brings you a red jacket and a bag of rawhide chips. Merry Christmas, Oliver!

  5. Oh sweet is as if your letter were written by my two fur babies....Dusty and Ducey. Just the other day, Dusty, the big boy, stretched his big ol legs up onto the counter top, and he consumed an entire stick of butter that I had softening for later use. And Ducey, he has a thing for pillows too. But he doesn't lay in them. Oh no, he likes to run full tilt, up onto the beds and sofas, and plow each and every pillow to the floor!! But surely, Santa will be good to all of you. You are all such sweet souls and good faithful friends to your keepers!!
    xo Kris

  6. Oh Oliver you did bring a smile to my face. I do think red is your color. Willie is very happy in his blue. Enjoy your walks and stay warm sweet boy.

  7. Oh, Oliver!!!! It is a rare sight to see you on your mistresses blog! And honestly, I would love seeing you a bit more and read about your adventures! Your letter to Santamation is so wonderfully written that I know he has forgiven you for everything. Although I do think that nothing was your fault, so there is nothing to be forgiven, And I am sure the raging tummy ache you got from eating that butter was punishment enough. I hope you did not throw up and get too sick. I know you must bring great joy to everyone you meet, especially those firemen!

  8. Oh Oliver, you write the newsiest posts.A Dalmation in a green jacket...Why I never! Hope you get that red jacket.

  9. Bonnie I have to tell you something funny..guess what I made yesterday? Your almond sour cream recipe:)

    I too will share.. :)

    2 small ones are going to freinds in packages for Christmas..and jacques is enjoying the larger one..couldn't wait to make it when I got home:)

  10. I love visiting you, but I must confess, often I skim right on past and don't leave you a comment. Sorry. I adore your posts and Oliver is gorgeous.

    My little guy (who weighed only 1 pound 8 ounces) is doing well now with a few complications. He is a blessing.

    Thanks for being YOU!


  11. I think you and Oliver will both do very well this Christmas. You are both adorable.


  12. I have been scrolling through your wonderful 'From The Writer's Kitchen'. And met Oliver . . . what a delightful post! I am in love . . .


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