Friday, January 31, 2014

Coddled Eggs, Tulips and the Super Bowl

When one looks 
at the weekend forecast and
reads "snow", "wintry mix" and "snow",
one's thoughts turn to

...coddled eggs with marmalade toast.

I have a set of these lovely ceramic egg coddlers from a friend.  They belonged to her mother.  When I use them, I remember that elegant lady and picture her at breakfast.  One can coddle an egg in the shell.   My only attempt was not a great success.  The problem came with trying to remove just enough of the shell top through which to spoon the egg.  If you do have an egg coddler, then here's how to do the dish.  Of course, if you have a coddler, you probably already know how!!  Pardon me--my brain is snow addled!!

Coddled Eggs

1 egg per coddler
salt and pepper to taste
a sprinkling of herbs if desired
softened butter

1.  Bring a pan of water to a boil.  You only want enough water to come half-way up the side of the coddler.
2.  Butter the inside of the coddler and the lid.
3.  Break the egg into the coddler and season to taste.
4.  Screw the lid on a few turns--not tightly.
5.  Place into the boiling water, reduce to a simmer and cover the pot with a lid.
6.  Simmer for about five minutes.
7.  Butter some toast and slather with marmalade.

Have a great weekend.  May your team win unless they are playing my team!!


  1. What a lovely post. I would enjoy this for breakfast. When I saw the beautiful ceramic coddler my first thought was..."could I really put that into boiling water and not worry about breakage?" It is a beautiful remembrance.

  2. My that looks good. I've never had coddled eggs. Maybe they are similar to poached? Enjoy a cozy weekend tucked inside from all that weather.

  3. Well I love tulips at this time of year..and then in the garden..They last..they pop in color..and are so pleasant to have in a room..
    I have one coddler..I bought it at a Library sale because I could not resist.
    Aren't they cute? I would rather have nice memories attached to it too!

  4. i coddle my dogs... does that count? i love the little jar but my eggs have to be done done done...nary a runny thing in them...

  5. As far as I know, we never had an egg coddler... My mother used to fix me something similar, a poached egg... I love eggs --anyway I can get them. Lately, we have been eating hard-boiled ones--and mixing them in our salads, etc...

    Beautiful tulips... It's warmer here this morning ---and will get up to about 50 today. YEAH!!!


  6. I have never used one. Very neat though. Stay warm. -Carla

  7. I don't have an egg coddler but it looks like a fun invention! And your tulips are beautiful-enjoy:@)

  8. Did you hear that we could get up to TEN INCHES of snow from tonight into tomorrow night?! So done with winter!

    I have to admit though, I've never even heard of an egg coddler, but it's pretty cool! Stay warm!

  9. I love all of those things! I don't have a favorite team....I just hope my numbers in the pool are winning numbers! And, that it is a good game. That is always nice.
    xo Kris

  10. The eggs sound great and I love the tulips.

  11. My husband grew up with coddle eggs, but I didn't, so thanks for the recipe. I've eaten coddle eggs once and he prepared them. I guess you can say I am coddles :)

    Stay warm Bonnie. I would be climbing the walls now with all of your cold.

  12. Love the colorful tulips . . . A coddled egg sounds good but since I don't have a coddler I think I will try a soft boiled . . . .

  13. Bonnie,
    Love the coddled eggs. I had some of those cups - no idea what I did with them. I shall have to do a hunt! I love tulips as well. I get them at the market occasionally but they don't seem to last in my sunny living room.

    Super Bowl is time for me to knit! Don't have a team unless the Patriots are playing. LOL


  14. Bonnie, Love coddled eggs and lovely red tulips. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

  15. Beautiful tulips! They make me think of spring. :) I love coddled eggs, but hardly ever get out my little "coddlers" (is that what you call them?) to do it. I have gotten all of mine from a thrift store where I volunteer. Coddled eggs would be great for breakfast tomorrow morning!


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