Friday, February 21, 2014

Gypsy at Navy Pier, Oliver Copes....and, I'm Back!

I need to be more like my dog!  When the weather is terrible, whining doesn't help at all.  Crawling under the covers and sleeping away the day helps.  Use your awake time to exercise, play with a few squeaky toys, eat two square meals and munch on an occasional treat.  

Oliver copes

Some of you thought I'd left for a warmer climate.  Not yet.  I did turn off the computer to focus on mastering my new IPhone.  It's going well.  I still can't figure out why everything is in English except for my calendar which is in Swedish?????  On the positive side, I now know the Swedish words for the months and days of the week.  When I add this to my menu French and Spanish, I feel quite learned in the language department.  

When Tom Skilling, the WGN weatherman, announced that we had thirty days of snow out of the last forty-eight days, I went a bit wonky and continued to avoid the computer and the television--except for figure skating.

Wednesday was bright with sunshine and blue skies and a temperature reaching for fifty degrees.  We turned our faces to the sun and, clutching our tickets in mittened hands, headed to Navy Pier for Shakespeare.  Except, it wasn't Shakespeare but Gypsy.  Each season offers a play penned by someone other than the Bard.  It was an excellent performance.  If you are in the Chicago area, I (and the reviewers) highly recommend it for a matinee or evening out.  The play runs through the rest of the month. 

Now that I've (somewhat) mastered the new phone and had an outing in sunshine, I need to get cooking!!

I'll be dropping by to see what y'all have been up to, too.


  1. pe pi Oliver, sweet nose, warm toes

  2. Glad you experienced some good weather and 50 degrees. Must have felt like summer:)

  3. You need to keep your Mojo going:-)
    Blogging helps:-) as I am sure your IPhone..have heard great things about the app Waterlogue:-) a treat..go see..
    I wish I had a bit of Oliver's life..

  4. Love that photo . . . cute nose!
    Happy you are enjoying your iPhone.
    My favorite feature of the Apple Products is using the phone to schedule an appointment when I am out and about and it automatically also schedules the appointment into my iPad! AMAZING!

    I am hoping to see some sun this weekend, how about you?

  5. I'm so glad you were able to dig out and have an outing in the (warmish?) sunshine. Certainly spring will come.

  6. Glad you had a good outing! Another cold week is ahead of us again, stay warm!

  7. Oliver truly has the right idea! Hang in there, I hear spring is coming:@)

  8. That picture of Oliver cracks me up!

    Navy Pier is so much fun to visit!

    M :)


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