Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Again, Home Again

My sister and I have a tradition.  When I visit, I make sure I get a flight that delivers me around noon.   She picks me up and we head over to Nordstrom's at the Florida Mall.  Shopping is not on our mind.  Eating is!  We head straight for the cafe, paying no attention to the stylish clothing and accessories along the way.  After a bowl of their sinfully delicious crab bisque, we share...

...a light dessert.
(There were two forks involved!)

I peeled off layers of clothing and we sat by the pool
waiting for our other sisters to arrive.
The snow that was falling when I left Chicago was fast forgotten.

"Floridians put salt on margaritas, not sidewalks",
my sister texted me on one of our snowiest winter days
back home.  I think I prefer it that way myself!!

My brother-in-law is as competent in the kitchen
as he is in the operating room!!
This turned into a delicious dinner 
of filet mignon in a wine and mushroom sauce.

We knew there was a surprise for us later that week.
The suspense was rewarded with the best seats in the house for

La Nouba

I think it was the best I've seen.
When you think Cirque can't get better,
it does!

The week passed quickly.
The weather improved in the midwest.
It was time to come home.

Now to get busy and check out what's going on in your world!


  1. Bonnie,
    I's so so glad you had a wonderful time with your sisters in Florida. You deserved some pampering and sunshine after the winter you've had. Welcome back.

  2. looks wonderful to me... especially the pool view and dessert... welcome home

  3. Sounds like a lovely time, Bonnie. I'm so glad you got to enjoy a respite from the winter with a trip to warm Florida.

    I had a 3-week trip to Florida in November, but I did not make it to the Florida Mall this year. I've been there plenty of times, though, since I lived in the area for over 20 years. Sad to say, though, I have never had crab bisque at Nordstrom.

  4. Oh what a spot she has what a spot.
    I love Florida!
    I'll have to see where Florida Mall is:)

  5. What a great tradition!!! Your trip looks to have been a huge success!!! We have a Nordstrom in Short Pump, I wonder if they have a cafe? I think I will call them. Of course...NOT that I would go all that way and go off my diet heh heh heh. The Cirque!!!! I used to have lt's of their shows saved on our DVR box till we switched companies. How many have you seen? I LOVE them, and I have talked with them and actually performed with them! Remember my post of us together? So glad you are back!

    1. I've seen four. You performed with Cirque? We need to talk!!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sister, Bonnie. It must have felt so good to be out in the sunny weather after the winter you've had.

  7. Great weather, food, Cirque and sisters who are both family and friends...what a wonderful trip. You are so fortunate. I remember telling my mom I wanted a sister....ha! Now I have a wonderful friend who is like a sister! Great post...

  8. I don't have your e-mail address. Send it to me and I will send you my Cirque pictures. I am

  9. What a perfect way to spend time with family-- sun, fun, and great food!

  10. It looks like a wonderful time away visiting your sister, Bonnie! I guess a move to Florida is in your future?

  11. Welcome home! I agree - salt is much better on the rim of a margarita than on the ground! So happy the last bit of ice finally melted two days ago in my back yard - I'll be dreaming about my first grill on the Weber - which hopefully will be soon!

  12. What a fun and delicious visit! It must have been hard coming back to the chilly Midwest.

  13. I'm all for salting a glass instead of the sidewalk! It sounds (and looks) like you had a great time:@)

  14. Sounds like an awesome trip!

    Glad you got home safely.

    M : )

  15. A delicious and fun post. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  16. Bonnie, it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sisters! I'm envious, I always wanted a sister. The food sounds delicious as well and Cirque great fun. Glad you got away from this cold weather, really windy and chilly today, raining, but it's not snowing, so life is good!

  17. Bonnie, I am so glad you got to get away from the snow and enjoy some warm sunshine and good food and drink! Cheers!

  18. Looks and sounds like a perfect sister time. I know what you mean about having to remove layers after you leave cold for warm! and hopefully you'll have warm soon!

  19. Bonnie, You deserved a Floridian holiday after the winter you have had. I am hopping Spring is beginning to make her appearance in Chicago. Bonnie


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