Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Joyful Shower, Part II for A New Baby Girl

"With a butterfly kiss
and a lady bug hug
sleep tight my dear
like a bug in a rug."

Emily's view of the day.

The mother to be.

The grandmother to be 
with the mother to be.

A few butterflies alit in the strawberries.

Sheila's rendition of carrot salad.

Chicken salad

A basket of blueberry and cranberry muffins.

Coconut cupcake

A sweet little bear made by Jane.

A southern baby girl must have a bonnet.

Sheila, our very own artist friend, made this
beautiful "I Spy" quilt.  

Jane, a grandmother of almost two months, shares
her wisdom, as such, with Diana.  Casey, the party dog,
lends suport.

It was a wonderful day celebrating a new baby girl who will arrive in mid-July.  The participants have watched Emily grow up and look forward to doing the same with her baby.  Now we wait!!

I'll share our delicious recipes with you over the next week or so.


  1. Oh how wonderful.. What a wonderful shower... Love the bonnet and the quilt.... I cannot believe how much mother and daughter look alike...wonder if the new baby will look just like them?????

    You all did a great job---and the food looked delicious.

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful! The little butterflies, wonderful different foods, the awesome bear, quilt, and bonnet.It almost make me want to get pregnant!! And that would really be a miracle.

  3. It all looks wonderful -- there are few things more joyful than a baby shower!

  4. Mothers to be just get more and more gorgeous:)
    Looks like such a great great shower.
    All over this post.
    I much more joyful can it be?

    Well when baby arrives:)

  5. What an adorable party. Makes me want to be a grandmother-to-be :)

  6. I love this tradition and you have been helping with some beautiful showers recently.


  7. It's so nice celebrating with those who have known you all your life and now will watch your baby grow up!

  8. Looks like a perfect celebration day . . . Happy waiting!

  9. Bonnie, thanks so much for visiting my new blog the other day. I'm quite excited about my new place, and it's wonderful having old friends visit me there.

    This baby shower was beautiful. She got some lovely gifts. Now only a few more weeks until the wee one makes her arrival...oh, what a glorious moment that will be! So excited for all of them.


  10. Loved seeing the pictures of the shower....I'm planning a baby boy shower for our daughter, Greta. What a beautiful party you provided for the Mommy to be =) Thanks for sharing!

  11. awesome party for a beautiful mom to be. love that quilt and all the food looks divine...

  12. Looks like everyone enjoyed this lovely shower.
    All showers need a "party dog." Way too cute.

    Congratulations to the Mom to be and her family/friends.

    M :)

  13. Congratulations! Love all the pretty butterflies in the cutest of places.

  14. Congratulations to the mother to be! What fun, Bonnie! The quilt is gorgeous and such a treasure. Looking forward to the recipes.
    Thanks so much for your encouragement both on the blog and Facebook. Honestly thought it would be much more difficult and painful. (Especially at my age; going to the gym for many years is paying off.) Never once took a pill for pain and now it's just some rehab.

  15. What wonderful hand-made gifts and what a joy to see such happy grandmother and mothers-to-be :) Showers are so happy!


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