Monday, May 26, 2014

A Joyful Shower for a Baby Girl - Part 1

We are becoming quite adept, my friends and I, at hosting baby showers.
The "Skype Shower" came first--a few months ago.
This shower would be a conventional one--the expectant mother would be with us.

Emily is the daughter of our friends who live on the farm. 
I've taken you to "visit" there many times.

As with anything we do, planning sessions (including lunch) are a must.

The theme of butterflies and lady bugs was perfect for a spring event.

The butterflies, some we made and some we purchased, are laid out and strung.

Then they were carefully hung.

Correct adjustments were necessary by the grandmother-to-be, Diana.
The butterflies needed to "flutter" properly.

Ladybugs were discretely tucked into begonias.

A pot for each guest.

Jane tastes an edible butterfly before

allowing them to flit about and land on 
the coconut cupcakes.

The table, pretty in pink and brown.

All ready for the big event!



  1. Half the fun of the shower is the planning, and if done with good friends, it's just the best! Sweet theme and it all looks so nice.

  2. Beautiful! There is something so special about showers. Both bridal and baby! I love them!!!
    xo Kris
    PS I love pink and brown together!!!

  3. love the butterfly idea.. what fun

  4. Oh wow, this looks beyond special, even decorating the flowers. And each person gets a begonia! What a perfect spring theme. Can't wait to see the rest and the food!

  5. Lovely and such fun to plan and do with friends!

  6. Everyone loves butterflies. Great idea for a baby shower.

  7. Hi Bonnie, What happens when you put several very creative ladies together???? Well---first you have a lot of fun... And second, you plan a very cute and terrific party... That shower looks like SO much fun. Love it!!!

    Happy Memorial Day.

  8. Very cute! I like Jane's job:@) Happy Memorial Day!

  9. What a lovely idea for a baby shower. The table looks beautiful.

    My daughter is at the season of life in which she is planning, hosting, or attending bridal showers. Guess that means baby showers in a couple years!

    As you may or may not know, I've taken a huge step back from my classic film blog. While I still LOVE classic films, I've grown weary of writing about them. In fact, feeling pressured to review films has taken the joy out of watching them. So, I've taken a step back from the blog.

    However, I love blogging, and I found myself missing the old "beautiful things" kind of blogging I used to do. So, I started a new blog, Magnolia Cottage, where I intend to write about a wide variety of things....home decor, family history, childhood memories, faith lessons, gardening, etc. I'd love to have you stop by for a visit. You can get there from the Blogger profile associated with this comment. (Not the profile connected to my film blog).

    Anyhow, blessings to you, and I look forward to reading the next installment of the baby shower.

  10. So pretty! So creative! Love it.


  11. What a wonderful theme for a baby shower! They are always such joyful events. Enjoy!

  12. how beautiful. what a wonderful beautiful shower. I love the butterflies.

  13. So pretty and fun! Great theme.

    M :)

  14. I think my grandmother had dishes like the ones on your table. My brother has them now. They are definitely the same coloring if not the same pattern. So whimsical and fun.


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