Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow and No Electricity

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to the sound of silence.  No hum from the refrigerator.  No hum from the furnace.  When I turned on the bedside lamp, no light.  When I tore open the shutters and threw up.....oops, I got carried away here.  When I looked out the window, snow was piled everywhere and still coming down.  I needed coffee!  Reaching for the always handy flashlight, I headed to the kitchen.  Wait!  No electricity means no coffee.  I started getting edgy!!  We have a gas stove--thank goodness--but, how to get the coffee made.  I had to settle for tea--hot and strong.  Not nearly as satisfying early in the morning for me.

Profile of a show shoveler.

My reading nook gives me a panoramic view (seven windows) outside.  When the furnace can operate, it is warm and cozy.  I decided to put on leg warmers over my woolen socks, invite Oliver to curl up on my feet and read.  Then the electricity came on!  I'm still going to go ahead with those plans, occasionally glimpsing out to see how much progress The Shoveler has made.

May you all stay cozy and warm.  May your team win the game.  I'm rooting for the team with the cutest quarterback.


  1. my team always wins... that is because i have no team. my kindle is my team while my non snow shoveler watches his team. the sad thing is he said on this one he doesn't care which one wins so the fun is gone.reading would be my go to if no power... glad it came back on...

  2. Isn't that always the way!!! We find a way to deal and are quite happy, then our misfortune goes away!!! It is like when we lose something. As soon as we buy a new one, we find the old one!! Case in point right now..I have lost my iron and had to buy a new one that I don't like near as much because I am NOT paying nearly one hundred dollars for an iron!! Oops, I am rambling. I'm glad you are continuing with your cozy plans anyway. I know what you mean about the tea and coffee. I need coffee in the morning, then can drink tea the rest of the day.

    1. You lost your iron? Uh, how can that be? I need more information!!

  3. I'm shivering just looking at your snow and thinking of you having no heat. Glad it's all working again for you.

  4. Glad you got your power back and hopefully your coffee! Snow is so pretty as long as you're inside and looking out! :)

  5. Oh no, I thought the bad weather was going to miss you. Glad your power came back on. Stay warm Bonnie.

  6. I don't mind the snow when the electric stays on! You're lucky you have a gas stove, I heat water on the side burner of my grill when the electric goes out. I have a little drip coffee filter thingy that sits on a mug, I put coffee into the filter and pour boiling water over it... I can't live without my morning coffee! Stay warm and enjoy the game:@)

  7. Thankful your heat came back on. We haven't had any snow yet. I'm waiting just hope it is not too deep.

  8. Im happy you have a gas stove!
    We have too!
    Hope you will be warm and cozy in your home Joyce:)

  9. I am a leg warmer lover!

    We get the fire going early..w/ all these days of sub zero F is the best way to add cocy to the equation.NO ELECTRICITY drives me nuts..and we have a generator..
    But before everything gets going..usually it comes on.
    I will never forget Québec in 1998.
    We have photos.
    I look 102.

  10. Thank goodness your heat came on!
    We have snow but not as much as you.
    But is darn cold and windy here.

    Take care and stay warm.

    M :)

  11. I know you are getting blasted. We are too for the most part, not too much wind with this one yet. Stay safe and warm!

  12. I bought a coffee press just in case we ever lose electricity, Bonnie. I can no without a lot, but not without my morning coffee--lol! I'm glad your power came on after awhile!

  13. Glad your electricity came back on pretty quickly!! Such a beautiful view... seven windows!! heavenly. Stay warm and cozy! blessings ~ tanna

  14. I heard about the outage on WGN yesterday and thought about you. Glad it came back on before long! Guess you didn't get the howling winds for a day and a half like we did and the almost 20" snow. Come on summer! Have a warm sunny week, Bonnie!

  15. Stay warm!!! Looks cold but beautiful. I can totally appreciate the first cup of coffee in the morning. The day is not the same without it.



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