Monday, March 2, 2015

Meals on Wheels Gala 2015

Nutritious meals, caring visits and safety checks.  Keeping seniors independent as much as possible--that is what Meals on Wheels is all about.  We have been pleased to support MOW for many years.  We braved yesterday's snow to enjoy the Dine with the Chefs Gala 2015.

"A Meal That Makes A Difference"

How clever and appropriate is this centerpiece?
May I mention that it was designed and produced by my friend Vicky?
She's the one who hosted book group and made the clever centerpiece
from my last post.  I know she had help so kudos to you, Vicky, and your helpers.

Each of those balloons represents a generous donation to MOW from a very supportive
group of individuals.

The food, prepared by area chefs, was simply amazing
and delicious
and beautifully presented.

Here is a small "sample".
We all walked away well and deliciously fed.

Sugar spiced salmon 

Smoked beef tenderloin
with cherry and port buerre rouge
served with roasted baby vegetables.

Dark chocolate trifle

Oliver, waiting to see if any doggie bags were brought back.


  1. that center piece is a -mazing, what a great idea...hope Oliver got a treat.. MOW is a great place to volunteer, they do so much good..

  2. Wooo---what a fantastic meal... BUT--anyone who participates in Meals on Wheels (like you all do) DESERVES a meal like this on occasion... You ARE appreciated....

    YUM--your pictures made me hungry... Guess I'll go and eat some soup... Hmmm---not quite the same thing though...ha ha


  3. When I was a visiting nurse some of my patients benefited from meals on wheels. What a wonderful celebration of a good cause, Love the centerpiece and the decorations--looks perfect for even a winter day.

  4. We have Meals on Wheels here too..KUDOS!
    What a lovely event..I love the creative..And the dishes look so tastefully done.

  5. What a feast and what a great cause. My FIl enjoy receiving them, but he was a true gourmet and thus he would have enjoyed the foods you shared much more. I applaud them and you for volunteering.

  6. What a clever centerpiece and food for a worthy cause. The food looks delicious. MOW is a wonderful thing and widely used here. I hope Oliver got a little doggie bag!

  7. How fun to have an event like this to look forward to in the winter! It's a shame the weather didn't cooperate but I'm glad you made it and ate very well:@)

  8. What a wonderful cause and event, Bonnie! Many of my Mother's friends received "meals on wheels" and it was life saving for them! Your friend's centerpiece was very clever and fun!

  9. So did he get a doggie bag? I am thinking not because it was so fancy. Everything look absolutely mouth watering!! And I love the blue balloons. So is this banquet for the biggest donaters? Is that potatoes under the salmon? That would be my favorite dish,

  10. MOW is an excellent program! LOVE the centerpieces; Vicky outdid herself (as we say in the South). ;) Did Oliver score a doggie bag??? blessings ~ tanna

    1. Yes he did. After all, it was Meals on Wheels!!

  11. Oh my!!! I love that clever centerpiece!!! Food looks amazing! Hope you will begin to see the thaw soon where you are!
    xo Kris

  12. what a wonderful cause and so rewarding for the seniors. I love all that food. the salmon especially looks amazing

  13. What a wonderful organization MOW is! And Oliver is so handsome!


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