Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meeting Darling Dora and a Recipe for Shrimp Pate

I hope you all had a joyous Easter.  Although it was a bit cool here, the sun was shining and the grass was greening.  I even noticed a few flowering bushes with buds.  Our celebration was a little different this year as there were only four of us for dinner.  However, we got to visit with a lot of friends on Saturday when we gathered at a "Sip and See" to meet this charming little girl in person.

Some of you will remember the Skype baby shower a little over a year ago for the lovingly anticipated Dora Jane.  She is the granddaughter of our dear friends, Jane and Jim B..  It was so much fun to plan and execute.  It was even better to meet her in person.  Dora jetted in last Friday, bringing her dad along on the adventure.

Dora is busily perfecting the art of walking.  She charmed us all with her uninhibited friendliness.  She visited with each of us before eagerly diving into an early birthday cake in her honor.

Since the grandparents needed to deliver Dora and her dad to Midway for their flight home, we were unsure as to what time dinner would be.  As it turns out, all went well and traffic was with them.  They arrived here at 1 p.m. and the roast wasn't due out of the oven until 3 p.m..  Luckily, I had prepared a shrimp pate (which isn't really a pate but quite delicious) and we had a nice long visit sipping champagne and nibbling said pate.  Time passed quickly--as it always does when we're together.  We also enjoyed a pork roast, dressed up mashed potatoes and cole slaw.  The Baker did what he does best and served up a delicious nut torte.

I hope you'll give the shrimp pate a try.  It is a perfect summer treat.

Charleston Shrimp Pate

2 scallions, including about an inch of the green top, rough chopped
3 sprigs (more or less) of parsley
1 8oz package of cream cheese, softened and cut into 8 pieces
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp lemon zest
2 Tbsp lemon juice
Drop or two (to taste) of hot sauce
Dash of onion salt or kosher salt (to taste)
About a dozen large shrimp, cooked

1.  In the bowl of a food processor, scatter the onion and parsley.  Use the on/off button a few times.  Add the cream cheese, mayonnaise, lemon zest, lemon juice, hot sauce and onion salt.  Again use the on/off button a few times to slightly mix.  Scatter the cooked shrimp over and process until fairly smooth.
2.  Spoon into a serving bowl and top with a shrimp, slice of lemon and a sprit of parsley.
3.  Refrigerate at least three hours.  Overnight is even better.
4.  Bring to almost room temperature and serve with toast points or crackers.



  1. Thank you, dear friend, for this sweet post about our darling granddaughter. We were so glad you and the Baker could join us on Saturday and that we could join you for a lovely long visit on Sunday. The shrimp pate was delicious, and the dinner you and the Baker prepared was equally so, just what two tired grandparents needed!

  2. I would be delighted to enjoy your tasty shrimp pate with a glass of champagne while this darling little girl was learning to walk.

  3. That little pink girl is adorable..Great shot of her:)
    I am sure your shrimp dish is delectable..
    Oh she's cute.

  4. She is a cutie!

    Your pate looks yummy.

    M : )

  5. What a sweet child :-) The pate sounds wonderful as well. It must have been a lovely day for all.

  6. Wish we lived close to you... I'd invite myself to your home for LOTS of your delicious meals... ha ha ..... The shrimp pate looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.

    I remember that baby shower. Can't believe she's already a year old... My My... What a gorgeous child.


  7. Absolutely adorable and I love that cute dress too! Sounds like you had a great time:@)

  8. She is adorable! And I love your shrimp pate! look delicious!

  9. The pate is beautiful, and you even have it garnished so pretty. Dora is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a really special day it was.

  10. I remember that shower you all for her! She is just precious! The recipe looks wonderful!!! Yummy, I will make it!
    xo Kris

  11. How sweet. I remember my Granddaughter when she was that age. Your pate and the whole meal sounds wonderful.

  12. What a sweet little girl. And how nice she could jet in to meet you all and celebrate one with her grandparents!

  13. Adorable baby!! I remember the shower. How nice you were able to spend time with her!
    I'm sure many in my family would enjoy the recipe you shared. I'm not a fan if shrimp....but, oh how I have tried to enjoy it. That and asparagus are two things I can't develop a taste for even as an adult!

  14. Dora Jane is just adorable and beautiful... your meal sounds wonderful and i am thinking i would love the shrimp pate...

  15. Dora is precious! I remember the shower!! What a feast you shared with your visitors, Bonnie!! Such a treat to have someone prepare such a wonderful meal for them. My crew will love this shrimp! blessings ~ tanna

  16. We had my daughters friends 3 year old sleep over the night before Easter and I had forgotten how fun it was to have our kids look for Easter baskets now that they are adults. She's beautiful - such pretty eyes!

    We may have temps in the 70s tomorrow! Fingers crossed - hugs!

  17. Dora is a sweetie! That shrimp pate looks scrumptious too- perfect for entertaining good friends. :)

  18. She is darling and I bet the shrimp pate was excellent!

  19. Adorable Dora . . . what fun to see her, I remember the Skype shower . . .
    I make a similar Shrimp pate . . . I will add your recipe to mine.
    Thank you for your Irish Garden House visit/comment . . .
    The Pansy is a happy flower . . .
    Happy Spring . . .

  20. Dora Jane is a beautiful little girl and she is at a precious age. Your shrimp pate looks fabulous, Bonnie. It is always good to have a delicious appetizer to nosh on while conversing with friends before dinner.

  21. What an adorable little girl and such a great photo of her, Bonnie! Your shrimp pate sounds delicious and perfect for the warm months ahead.

  22. Bonnie, I have never met a shrimp I didn't like! Re the move, it was prompted by my mother's health and well being (back in HI). Our family home in SD will be on the market sometime soon and right now it is being rented out. As for TX, well, it's an adventure! XO, Bonnie

  23. Easter is the perfect time to have wee ones around, and a delightful shrimp dip as well .


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