Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plum Tart

The Baker is a faithful user of the Chicago Tribune for recipes.  This plum tart appeared earlier this month and is the creation of Leah Eskin.  Neither of us has ever had a failure when using one of her recipes and this was no exception.

Click here Chicago Tribune to meet Leah and get this delicious recipe.

It was perfect straight from the oven 


it was a celebration so we added 
a few sparkly stars 
and vanilla ice cream.


  1. He IS quite the BAKER:) Love beachy cards too;)
    Happy ..anniversary?

  2. Look lovely Bonnie!! I love plums.
    Love this tart!

  3. Looks great! One of my favorite memories is a plum crumb cake G-Mom-B made, the plums were so red it was beautiful:@)

  4. I haven't made one in awhile but it's a summer favorite. This looks like perfection!

  5. I love the Chicago Tribune recipes you share, Bonnie! Congrats to The Baker for another baking success. His plum tart looks wonderful!


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