Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Luncheon

Friday, I had the first celebration of Christmas--lunch with my dearest friends, Jane and Diana.  This year, Jane was the hostess.  Instead of having to drive twenty miles, I walked!  No, I don't have a new fitness program.  Jane now lives only one house away!!  After more than twenty-five years of friendship, we are neighbors.

For having only been in residence a few weeks, Jane and Jim have created a beautiful and comfortable place to be.  

A bouquet befitting the season set the scene for our retro luncheon!!

A basket of cubed French bread

a pot of cheese fondue.
(I was really impressed that Jane even found the fondue pot having so recently moved.)

The fondue forks?
Let's just say these are brand new!!

Dessert included delicious chocolates from
Little Chocolates on Lincolnway in Valparaiso.

Fresh fruit and melon in champagne!

Thank you, Jane, for starting the Christmas month festivities off in such a delightful and delicious way!!  I walked back home burning off at least ten two calories!!  


  1. And the festivities begin!! It is so nice to get together with friends as well as family. Enjoy the season !!!

  2. What a treat living next door to your BFF:)
    WE love fondue Bonnie.

  3. the food is wonderful and best of all one house down. i have not had a friend on the same street since i was in high school... i would like that.

  4. Look absolutely delicious and beautiful Bonnie !! I love fondue !!

  5. Pretty table and good looking meal--and how cool to be neighbors!

  6. Wow! Fondue. . . .We need to bring that tradition back. Lucky you, to live next door to your friend. I haven't started decorating yet. Just got to Florida and still getting settled.

  7. Well at least you lost two calories.

    Looks like a lovely luncheon.

    M : )

  8. I would love to have a good friend live so close! The luncheon looks delicious!

  9. How fun to get together with friends and even more so that you live so close.


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