Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Goes Up Must Come Down--Undecorating

We had a blustery start to the week.  Snow and high winds threatened to keep me inside--sort of like the little bird hunkered down in the feeder.  The storm only lasted an hour or so.  Not much snow on the ground either.  In fact, we've had very little snow so far this winter.  While it made for good travel for our Christmas visitors, the fact is we need that snow.

It was a good morning to make a latte and put away the Christmas decorations.

A good time to reflect on the joys of the past month.
The Symphony
Dinner Parties
Open Houses
Awaiting the arrival of our children--alas, not all of them this year.

Many of the ornaments on the tree this year are more than thirty years old!

Back into the boxes until next year.


  1. It's a nice time to reflect on the good memories of this holiday and those come before, and then it's good to tidy up and have a clean look for January. A bit of a new start.

  2. I have to make that now :(
    Always make me feel a little sad <3

  3. It is a prefect time for trips down memory lane.

  4. Every Christmas carries its own share of memories :-)

  5. We'vé had very snowy weather courtesy of this year's El Nino weather system, but it suits Colorado well. Looking forward to a New Year with " new eyes" and new possibilités :)

  6. Oh, the joy of vintage ornaments. Yours are beautiful. My tree is filled with old ones, too, handmade ones from 40 years ago, and dates ones collected since 1980. I hope to get it down by the weekend.

  7. I just can't part with sentimental "old" ornaments either Bonnie! Looks like you're having some real winter weather! It's so cold here in the South right now! I'm ready to bundle up with some hot cocoa! Enjoy this quiet, reflective time of year! Happy 2016!

  8. the un decorating part i why i stopped 7 years ago putting outside decorations up. the last year i did they were in the bushes until March and bob finally brought them in. beautiful ornaments and i like that tree

  9. Always nice to have a fresh clean house, and fresh clean start to the new year! Hope you get some snow !
    XO Kris

  10. It does look like a good day to take down the tree:@)

  11. Happy New Year!

    This will be what we are doing this weekend.

    M : )

  12. I told my husband someone could start a very lucrative business by coming into your home and packing away your Christmas decorations. I know I'd pay a lot for the service. I'll put them out and someone else will take them down.

    Happy New Year

  13. I have that same little wooden angel only mine is playing a violin!!!
    Rebecca Loudon


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