Monday, January 11, 2016

Amazing Amaryllis

Bulbs brighten up our days after Christmas.
While I love the beauty of narcissus, 
I cannot tolerate the fragrance inside the house.
The same goes for the lovely hyacinth.

But the noble amaryllis is welcome!
In all my years of waiting for the blossom,
I've never been quite so rewarded.
The first blooms to pop open are off the bottom.
Next came on top.
And, there is another stem growing tall with promise!
Thank you Diana for such a lovely gift.


  1. this is one of the prettiest i have ever seen. i am black death to flowers in the house and also can't take scented ones.

  2. And with the snowman:) Priceless! they are absolutely glorious..I have seen them hung also upside down as crtians in certain parts of Europe~

  3. It looks cold outside your window! The shade of color is fabulous. What beauty for you to enjoy! My uncle raised amaryllises at his home in California. How he loved them.

  4. I love the flowers on the bottom-enjoy:@)

  5. I bought a cheap one at Trader Joe's and it was a very dark saturated red one. Then another stem popped up which really surprised me. The first one died off, and now this one is so tall, it toppled over from the weight! I usually don't have luck with the second one blooming, but this one is on steroids or something hahaha.

  6. So, so pretty. I have never forced bulbs before. I can see where it would be even more rewarding in the snowy climates.
    I am so glad to be blogging again.
    XO Kris

  7. I can't stand the smell of some flowers either, particularly the ones you mentioned. There's something putrid about it, no? The amaryllis is gorgeous, though!

  8. Very pretty, it's gorgeous! My MIL always had good luck with amaryllis. I usually have purple hyacinth because I love the color and the great fragrance. :-) It's up to all of 9 degrees here now!

  9. Beautiful flower! It is nice to see such a lovely bloom in the depths of winter

  10. That amaryllis looks lovely, such a beautiful colour too.

    All the best Jan


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