Saturday, July 27, 2013


I am a keeper of keys, not a loser of keys.

When we headed out on vacation a few weeks ago, Andrew suggested, rather strongly, that we drive my car to the airport shuttle.  His car is new.  Mine is ten years old (but I love and protect her and wouldn't trade her for anything less than the new Bentley SUV that is coming out in 2014).  I capitulated in the end and off we went.  

He left me and the luggage off at the waiting room and parked.  I want to give you a mental picture here.  I had a backpack with a dozen (or more) zippered compartments; a big tote bag with more than a dozen zippered compartments and a cross-body purse with--yep--many zippered compartments.  Andrew had nothing with zippered compartments so he thought it logical that he hand over the keys to me.

All was well.  We boarded the shuttle and settled into comfortable seats for the drive to the airport.  We got there, checked in the big suitcase and headed off to get some lunch before our 2 p.m. flight.  I was still guarding all my various and many-zippered traveling bags.  As usual, I kept checking to make sure I had our flight information, car rental information, hotel information, passport, visas, shot records (did I mention we were only going to Rhode Island?) and my little "stashes" of cash hidden along with the credit card in my various zippered bags.  We all, bag and baggage too, arrived in good order and on time.  

The days seemed to fly past as we enjoyed our family and beautiful New England.

Too soon, it was time to pack up and reverse the procedure to head home.  AND I couldn't find the car keys.  Make that car keys, house key and library card!!  I went through every zippered compartment, every drawer and niche and cranny of the hotel room.  I looked under the bed.  I searched the rental car.  Then I went through every zippered compartment again.  No keys!

Fortunately I had a spare car key in my wallet (which was still safe in one of the zippered compartments) and our neighbor had a house key.  Of course, I took the opportunity to tell Andrew that he should have kept the keys since he drove the car.  I was really not wanting to accept the blame for losing them--not that he was blaming me.

When we got home, I called the airport shuttle office, the hotel, the airline and the rental car agency, leaving my name just in case the keys turned up.  Andrew had a new house key made and we moved on with our life.  Yesterday morning, he said I should call the car dealer and get a new key made.  As I recall, the keys cost about $400!!!!!  "We have two keys to that car.  Isn't that enough?" I (pleadingly) asked.  "Just check on the cost", he replied.  Drat, I had hoped he would forget about the whole unpleasant loss.  I figured I'd do it tomorrow because, after all, tomorrow is another day.  I had fun plans for the morning and wanted to put unpleasant tasks aside.  I reached for my sunglass case (it was cloudy the whole time we were on vacation and I didn't need them) and opened it and....

...there they were!!!!!

The End!


  1. OMG! unbelievable.. and way to funny So happy you found them before the 400 dollar new key..

  2. Keys have a mind of their own. My own seem to find the deepest darkest corner of my purse to hide. Now that you have found the keys you have an extra $400! Don't you love the way my mind works?? Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  3. Oh so typical... We've all been there--done that!!! Makes you wonder, doesn't it, as to WHY you managed to put them in your sunglasses case... How funny!!!!!! I laugh not AT you--but at your story, because it's MY story--all of our stories!!!!! Oh --isn't it wonderful to be a human being????? Gotta love it --and love life...

  4. Too funny. So glad you found them before you spent $400 on a new key!

  5. Glad you found them and have peace of mind! All's well that ends well:@)

  6. You can expect this to get a whole lot worse after age 60 - I have a store and everyday I am looking for something! Yesterday I saw and hummingbird in my back yard so began boiling he water to put with sugar in my hummingbird feeder. I had cleaned it from last year and put it in some wonderful safe place - sure - but where. I finally went to the grocery and bought another. As I was watering the garden this morning I saw it - now I HAVE TWO!
    GLAD YOU FOUND THEM !!! It's a good feeling for sure!

  7. A happy ending! I hate losing things, but it happens all the time. :)

  8. Wow does this sound familiar. It could be my carry ons. And on this recent trip we had some tense moments trying to remember and find the house keys.

  9. So understand this all. As a are expected ti=o know where everything is at all times. What is not taken in consideration is that as one ages, things are not so simply anymore. I have been in the same situation. Luckily keys have turned up for me, like you. Sigh....

  10. I am usually into a novena to St Anthony by way before the sunglass case time:-)
    I love bedtime stories with happy endings:-)
    How many compartments when you go abroad:-) ?

  11. Oh my GOSH!!!! I am so sorry for all your anxiety and trouble, but I can't help it, this is just FUNNY!!! And now no worries about who may have your keys. Now on the where your sunglasses are!

    1. The sunglasses were in another case that I stuck in my purse (or was it the backpack) just in case the sun came out.

  12. I've lost things too only to find them later, usually somewhere I had looked but didn't see them earlier. Never a pleasant experience.

    And yes, keys to cars are very expensive today. No more taking them to the hardware store for a duplicate that costs a dollar. Our key quit working on the door and we had to get a new key. They would not make a new one that would fit both the door and the ignition, so now we have 2 (bulky, heavy) keys to carry. Makes you want to throw up your hands in disgust.

    Have a good weekend Bonnie.

  13. Oh, Bonnie. I'm laughing WITH you. Though it is NOT funny while you are hard pressed in search. Drives you CRAZY because you know you put them in a SAFE place. LOL! Been there. Done that. Now, if we could just cross that off our list of things to NEVER do again. ;) Glad you found them! blessings ~ tanna

  14. What is lost sometimes is found! Life is funny that way.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  15. Haha! Doesn't that just make you crazy? I'm forever losing my glasses. My SIL bought me one of those chains that go around your neck and hook onto the glasses, but it made me feel so OLD! :)

  16. I love a happy ending (and hate it when I can't find my keys.)


  17. Bonnie Im hsppy you finally find! so you had a happy end! I alwsys lost my glasses and sometimes my cell lol!!

  18. Whew, thank goodness!

    Always makes you wonder how these things


  19. Ohhhh SO glad you found them - so crazy but I do understand when travelling things seem to move around a lot!!!! All's well that ends well!!
    mary x

  20. I found my engagement ring in the bottom of the ice maker, years later.
    Also, found out about keys costing $400 two weeks ago when I traded in my old car....and only could find one key. I couldn't believe it! Going to treat my two keys like gold this time.

  21. I'm still waiting for a bracelet that I lost early this year to show up! It know it 's here somewhere.

    So glad your story had a happy ending :)

  22. Ha! I love your story! I do the same kind of things all the time: misplace items, carry something from one room to another and don't even realize I'm doing it, etc. I MUST have my Chapstick at all times, and so I'll buy 5 or 6 at a time, to make sure they are everywhere...and that I'll ALWAYS have one handy!...Except when I can't find them....etc. It appears we have a lot in common! (on a side note, I thought I'd already become a follower of yours, after we "met" at Podso's blog in March about ice cubes! But, I obviously forgot!

  23. I'm still playing catch-up--- Love this! And it's great that you found them. I bought my first pair of designer sunglasses and lost them the same week--I know they're in this house somewhere. Never lost a $10 pair in my life and will never buy a pair that costs more again!


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