Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brunswick Stew

The Muses came to my house last evening.  The ladies of my book group, that is.  We meet once a month to dine and discuss our book choice.  November's selection was The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty.  I believe I'm correct in saying the consensus was we thought it was just o.k..  I'll leave it at that for the book.  As for the stew, we all thought it was delicious.  I followed the rule of never serving it the day it's made.  

Brunswick Stew inspired by the Williamsburg Cookbook

This recipe serves 8 to 10 but I usually double it and freeze a container or two.

1 stewing hen (I used two whole breasts)
3 quarts chicken stock
2 large onions, chopped
2 cups baby lima beans
4 cups fresh or 2 cans diced (16 oz) tomatoes
3 medium potatoes, diced
4 cups corn cut from the cob or frozen
2 teaspoons salt 
1 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon sugar

Simmer chicken in three quarts chicken stock for 30-45 minutes (depends on whether it's bone in). Remove chicken and cover. Add vegetables to broth and simmer, uncovered, until beans and potatoes are tender.

Add chicken, boned and diced, and the seasonings.

This is one of those dishes that improves overnight. It is a rule in some tidewater homes never to eat Brunswick Stew the same day it is made.



  1. That stew looks mouthwatering. I always think a stew tastes better the day after it's made. have you tried adding lentils? They add a wonderful sweetish taste!
    Hugs xx

  2. The stew looks delicious. I can't use tomatoes or corn because Ronnie has diverticulitis. I could use fresh tomatoes and seed them before I put them in the stew. Do you think tomato puree would work?

    1. Tomato puree should work just fine. Adjust it to your taste. You could also get the tomato taste using tomato paste.

  3. I ahve heard of this but have never made one..Thanks!

    You're lucky to have such a group Bonnie and thanks for your honest review..
    I just read Love Anthony and there is a book club in the story:)

  4. yum on the Brunswick stew, it has been about 35 years since i had a bowl. it was popular in Savannah, but since i moved here have not had any and this is my first time to see the ingredients. there is a resturant in Savannah that theirs is famous, but of course i can't remember the name

  5. My husband would say that goes for chili too. (better the second day)

  6. I just read the book and yes - I agree! enough said - but the stew is gorgeous! perfect for the cold weather :)
    Mary x

  7. Oh boy, does that ever look wonderful! We are now entering soup weather, and I am so happy! I love to make a big pot of soup! I will be filing this recipe!
    xo Kris

  8. Yum, what a delicious meal for cold, blustery days.

  9. I haven't had Brunswick Stew in ages -- your recipe looks really nice!

  10. I think any stew tastes better the next day. The only time I've had Brunswick stew it was made my a good friend from Virginia and her recipe was vague. I'm glad to have your recipe Bonnie.

  11. I haven't had Brunswick stew in forever, either. I'm re-inspired to make it again. As a kid, it was the only way I could tolerate lima beans. I'm jealous you have a thriving book club. I need to start one.

  12. Your stew sounds wonderful --especially on these cold days!!!! Thanks for the recipe. I know that your book friends enjoyed the stew also.


  13. how much fun to be in a book club and get to enjoy both great food like this stew and good reads!

  14. I was just thinking before I sat down at the computer that a good stew would be nice tonight... I might have to break the rule. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  15. This looks delicious! What a great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I haven't had Brunswick stew in ages and your version sounds delicious. I'm glad that it doesn't call for squirrel like some old recipes do...I'm not that adventurous. :)


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