Monday, January 20, 2014

Water Pipes, Fried Rice and Downton Abbey

The weekend started very well.  I had the responsibility of doing a program for a philanthropic group of wonderful ladies that I belong to.  It included a power-point for visuals.  I know nothing about power-point so my dear friend, Jane, along with her husband, Jim, and The Baker came with me as my technical crew.  The men visited and had lunch in the club room while we feasted and chatted in our meeting room.  It started to snow during lunch.  It snowed during the program which went off without a hitch.  The snow made it a little tricky slogging our way home but all was well.

All was well until later in the evening when I noticed an odd sound in the house.  Or, was it outside the house?  We investigated but couldn't really pinpoint where the noise was coming from-inside or outside?  We finally fell asleep.  I woke up shortly before 5 a.m. and the noise (I can only describe as a roar) was louder.  I got up and Googled "a roaring sound inside the house".  "Water pipes" suggested Google.  "Aaarrgh" said I!  We weren't sure what to do so we called the police!!  Actually, we called the non-emergency number.  The Baker explained what the problem was.  The desk sergeant (or whoever was answering) asked a few questions and said he'd get in touch with the water department.  To shorten this epic post a bit, there was a city truck in front of our house at 6:30 a.m..  A lone worker was pumping water out of our water main.  The roaring stopped.  The water pressure went back to normal.  The worker didn't stop in to tell us what was wrong.  Hopefully we can find out tomorrow.   Thanks for the great service C.P.  

A few days ago, The Baker asked "do you know there are two bottles of fish sauce in the refrigerator and one in the pantry"?!!  I didn't.  "Things get lost in there.  Maybe I need to make fish sauce soup."  If any of you have a recipe for such a soup, I'd appreciate a copy.  In the meantime, I whipped up some fried rice for game watching.  The dish used up quite a few things in the kitchen including six drops of fish sauce. 

Lastly, a message for Julian Fellowes.  "Julian, I'm not happy with the way Downton Abbey is going this season.  What was that house party all about?  Look what trouble it has caused for Anna and Bates!!  I am strongly suggesting that you not allow anything to spoil Lady Edith's happiness!" 

Have a great week!   


  1. That party.. :(

    Lots happened..too much..
    I still feel for Anna..last night:( and Mr bates..

    The lines in that show are just wonderful..
    Thank goodness your pipes are ok!

    I should find uses for my fish sauce..LOL

  2. Sorry about your water problems. I've never heard of that. Wonder what caused it???? I'll keep that in mind if we ever hear that NOISE...

    Headed to the Smokies today to do some hiking before the frigid weather gets here.

  3. I was leary of reading your post at first as we did not watch DA last night but will later today. Thanks for not spoilers! Yeah it's been an interesting season so far but my friend who has watched them all already (online as they were released in UK) says it gets much better. So we wait ...

  4. I'm so sorry about your water problems. You were smart to Google the problem. I love fish sauce and always have a bottle on hand. Congratulations on your presentation going well.

    We record Downtown Abbey to watch it later in the week. I was quite worried about Anna from the prior week. I don't know if my husband is going to continue to watch - he says it's too much like a soap opera :)

  5. I hope everything is o.k. with the water pipes now.
    The fried rice with sounds like a good beginning to finishing up the fish sauce.
    I bet is was good.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. At least your life is never boring, Bonnie :-) I'm fresh out of recipes for fish sauce soup, so I'm no help whatsoever on that score. I do hope the water problem is resolved. .Here's hoping the rest of your week will be uneventful. Blessings...Mary

  7. Sorry to hear about your water pipes, I hope everything is ok now! Fish Sauce is yet another thing I've never tried... I really need make a list of new foods and start crossing things off:@)

  8. Frozen water pipes are always a bummer; hopefully this winter will be over before we all know it and spring will make us all smile! I agree about Downton Abbey; just so boring this season. I can't believe that Matthew and Mary's marriage was what the whole show has been about! I can't stand the new Anna and Bates storyline; far too sad! I understand about things getting lost in the pantry, but fish sauce is one thing I love having on hand too!

  9. Hope everything is back to normal....Stay warm.

  10. I thought you might have has a broken water main, Bonnie! That would have been expensive. It happened to us in Brooklyn one year after we bought the house and my son was an infant. We had to take a loan to pay the bill to get the main fixed.

    I think fish sauce has to be used in moderate quantities as it is salty. Your fried rice looked like a good way to use some.

    Downton Abby is always unpredictable. Poor Anna!

  11. I would have never thought to google the roaring noise! Very clever! Glad the city was so responsive. That is a blessings!

    Hmmmm... you may need a soup to take care of two bottles. ;) That fried rice looks like a repeater... but, six drops at a time may take awhile.

    blessings ~ tanna

  12. Glad all is well with your water pipes now.

    Sorry, can't help with the fish soup. I just started eating fish a few years ago and fish soup is out of the question. Bill would love love it though.

    DA--yeah, what gives Mr. Fellowes? Changes need to be made there!

    All that lake front snow is nasty this morning. Windy here and not so much snow as all around us, but I hear northern IN will get dumped on. Hope not so much for your way!

  13. So glad your pipes didn't burst or your didn't have a back up! During these cold blasts we need to keep the cabinet doors open under our sink as they have been known to freeze when the weather dips below zero.

    I totally agree about Downton! Perhaps a petition is in order...I'll sign :)

  14. I don't have cable ( cancelled it a year or so ago ) but have Downton Abbey preordered through amazon as soon as it is ready to ship :)

    SO glad your pipes did not burst...

  15. i need to use my fish sauce more! I love your fried rice and it reminds me of this restuarant we used to eat at all the time before kids:) LOL! Glad all is okay with your pipes- that is the last thing you want to happen!

  16. Good to know it wasn’t a pipe burst case – that would’ve cost you an expensive repair. Water unwantedly gushing inside your house is not something to be taken lightly. At least you are alert and ready in case something like that happen. Monica @ Village Plumbing & Home Services

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