Monday, March 3, 2014

Computer Woes

It's time to play taps for the IMac.  Back soon.


  1. Not quite sure what you mean..?
    Going towards a Mac? Or not?

    My husband just bought his new compuetr as we are on XP here..all 4 of them:(
    So old fashioned (me too me too)he bought a PC again and I am headed there too..
    But I feel it's such a shame to lose Photoshop 8 won't take the older versions..My daughter.Apple everywwhere..I can't get used to it..
    And my friend.. has constant problems with her Apple ..
    Oy the computers..I don't know what to do..:(
    Indecisions indecisions..

  2. Day is done. Gone the sun -- or apples!

  3. I just got a new IMac...Trying to learn the ins and outs.


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