Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Out With the Old and In With the New

It has been just over twenty-four hours since my computer crashed.  What an odd and disconnected (truly) feeling it was to turn on the computer and have it go nowhere.  A gray screen and the Apple logo, accompanied by a spinning "wheel" was all I had.  After booting, rebooting, re-rebooting, unplugging and replugging, that dull gray screen stood firm.  A phone call to Apple confirmed what I feared:  "It sounds as if your computer has crashed".  A nice young man with a southern accent told me I could bring it into the store.  Hmmm, how much to maybe get it working again?  Five to seven hundred dollars!!  The Baker and I  put our heads together and decided that was too much to put into a five year old computer.

After Andrew left to pick up a new computer, it hit me (like a ton of bricks) that, even though I always meant to, I had never backed up my files.  My photos were gone!!  After sitting in stunned disbelief, I got back on the phone to Apple and found out that, quite likely, the photos and other files could be retrieved.  Whew!  I'll be off to have that taken care of once our latest round of snow is past.

In the meantime, I plugged in the camera to download the following two photos.  The only photos that I thought were on the camera.  Imagine my surprise when 571 photos downloaded.  I started doing the "all is not lost" dance while those precious photos kept popping up on the screen!!

Goodbye old friend.  
We've spent many mornings together.
Afternoons and evenings too.

Hello new friend.
Shall we meet for coffee tomorrow at 7 a.m.?


  1. Congrats... We would have done the same thing --bought a new one. Glad you are able to retrieve all of your stuff. BUT--Mama Adams says to her friend Bonnie: Get some back-up disks and back up all of your stuff. We use Time Machine --but also have other external drive to keep our photos and important stuff on... When we travel, we take these disks with us --in case of a fire of something here at home. With the back-ups, we can get everything totally back... Do it my friend. It will be worth it.

  2. So happy you got to keep photos!!

    And how loyal are you?:)
    I still don't know where I am headed.

    PS love your hair:)

  3. Bonnie,
    so glad you were able to retrieve your photos. Give Carbonite a try. I am so glad that I have it.

    All the best,


  4. I had a windows based computer before and it crashed. Now, I am learning to use an Apple. Quite different than the other.....my pictures couldn't be retrieved.I have made my blog into books for the past 7 yrs....so I have the pictures there in the books. I had the hardest time getting used to the mouse. Glad you could get your photos back.

  5. So glad everything has worked out. I know how frustrating it is to have your computer crash. We've started to back up to the cloud with Carbonite. Again, so pleased for you.

  6. Best of luck with the new computer and I hope you can save everything you want to:@)

  7. I'm so glad you were able to retrieve your photos, Bonnie. Technology is great except when it isn't :-). Mary

  8. Whew . . . Wow . . . Happy iMac Sailing . . .

  9. That's a fancy looking machine and all wireless? Or so the box photo appears to be. Glad you recovered so many photos already….hope they can transfer all of them. Which reminds me it's way past time to back up my computer …. if it's even really working!

  10. I buy a yearly subscription to Mozy which is not expensive, and it backs up my entire computer every single day.

  11. have fun with your new and hope they can retrieve your files

  12. A new computer and some of your photos saved ... a very good day indeed.


  13. Thanks for the reminder to back up my photos. I have been a little lax lately. I just reformatted my camera disc so I wouldn't be so lucky. Enjoy visiting with your new friend! Bonnie

  14. My friends Apple laptop just crashed recently too after only 4-1/2 years. Do you think Apple has a planned 5 year obsolescence? I am without my desktop computer today myself. My 11-year-old PC is in the "shop" getting a new operating system since windows xp is no longer supported after April of this year. Time for a new hard drive too. So glad your photos can be retrieved! Whew!

  15. Glad you are up and running with a new PC. It's awful feeling disconnected!

  16. Wow…so glad so many of your photos were still in your camera. I have no back up on my MacBook Pro and I delete all my photos from my camera after they are downloaded on my computer. It sounds like I'm in big trouble and better head to Apple and see what they suggest. Thanks for the post.

  17. You never backed up any of your files? Thankfully, your old one did it for you, and they have all been retrieved somewhat. Maybe now you can start having a backup device for your new laptop, to assure you’ll never have to worry when unexpected things happen to it. It pays to take extra precaution, even if most recent models automatically upload to cloud nowadays.

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  18. Realizing you didn’t have a backup for your files was shocking, isn’t it? I can only imagine your relief when you were able to retrieve those lost files afterwards. It’s been a while now, and I do hope you’ve got a backup drive or server for your new computer. Good day!

    Erick Brooks @ Ripple Web

  19. Servers might crash any time, that’s why it’s best to always be prepared. Creating a backup of your files might be another task to add on your list, but it will assure you that you won’t have to deal with missing data if ever your computer unexpectedly turns off. Anyway, I think you won’t forget your backups now that you have a new unit. Good luck! :)

    Lillian Walker @ TaylorWorks


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