Monday, May 12, 2014

A Visit to Sid Wainer

After our visit to the Whaling Museum,
Stefan and I headed over to Sid Wainer's for a "grazing" lunch.
On Saturday, one can stroll the aisles and sample dishes prepared by Wainer's
knowledgeable employees.

This delicious find is located in a nondescript brick warehouse
in New Bedford.  Inside it is a foodie's dream!

Cheese anyone?  
This display is one of many featuring local cheeses 
and ones from all over.

Ah, the culinary flowers!

I wish I could have brought some of these lovelies home.

Fresh fruits and every imaginable green.

Even an enticing array of micro greens.

We had dinner plans,
otherwise these fiddle heads would have come home with us.

It was a lovely Saturday before I headed home.


  1. It looks like a foodies paradise!

  2. I could live in that store!

  3. Wow---what a neat place, Bonnie... That's a place where I'd want to go home with EVERYTHING... ha....

    When you talked about 'grazing' ---it reminded me of watching people at Sam's during certain times of the day (when they have lots of samples OUT)... Some people eat their meals there I bet!!!!!


  4. This looks like a dream store for anyone who loves to eat and cook!!! blessings, Catherine

  5. What a lovely market. You would have to drag me away...

  6. Just your kind of place--and what a fun way to have lunch!

  7. Oh my goodness, edible flowers and even fern heads! Did you eat a lot of samples? I would love to go here!

    1. We tried quite a few things but, since we had plans to go to a seafood restaurant for lunch, we used restraint.

  8. I would have LOVED that place..
    How are the prices posted Bonnie?
    Is the public allowed to purchase..wondering what the colorful last box to the right blooms are..
    Oh yeah..I would have loved it!

    1. It was amazing! Right in the middle of a light industrial area you'd never guess it was there unless you knew. The prices were reasonable and the public can make purchases. I think there is a discount in bulk to various restaurants and stores. They also ship. The top flowers are nasturtiums and the bottom left are fuchsias and right are marigolds.

    2. Marigolds!!! I could not put my finger on those..
      Yes..I would love that the Jean talon market they sell edible flowers later in the season and very$$
      Oh this looks like fun..Forgot to buy nasturtiums!

  9. i would go crazy in that room with all those culinary flowers. so beautiful!

  10. Oh goodness, I could browse in there for hours.

  11. Oh, to have a place like that here! What a wonderful array of delicacies!


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