Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's For Lunch? Radish Sandwiches. Really?

My first, and only for a long time, cookbook was The Joy of Cooking.  Next came the Time Life series of cooking around the world.  In the British cookbook, I was impressed with the delicious simplicity of the ploughman's lunch.  And, especially, the radish sandwiches.

Our farmers' market is still recovering from the challenges of a much longer winter (well into spring actually) and a lot of rain.  Alas, asparagus season was much too short this year.  Not enough tomatoes have appeared as yet.  We are making do with some delicious ones that our farmer started in the greenhouse.  In fact, there are eight lovely ones on the kitchen sill awaiting our dining pleasure.  Deep ruby red beets are waiting to be roasted once again this week.

What has been been beautifully delicious are the radishes.  So, we had ourselves a nice ploughman's lunch today.  All you need are slices of a good crusty bread, cream cheese into which a sweet onion is grated and a few spicy and crunchy radishes to slice and top the sandwich with.



  1. One of my favorite childhood memories, Crispy white crusted bread, creamy butter, sliced radishes and a sprinkling of salt. I could make an entire meal of this simple delight.

  2. i really like radishes, and love cream cheese, so this looks good to me and easy for me to do... i have to say those ads on the side bar are irritating. my mouse accidently touches them and they pop up and are very hard to close. did you put them there on purpose?

    1. Blogher puts them on. I don't know how to widen my space.

  3. How fun to be able to purchase local radishes. Your sandwich reminds me of French denjeuner.

  4. Sounds wonderful . . ,I just ate some radishes for lunch, I could have gone Ploughman style!
    Next time . . .

  5. I found some too today!
    We love radishes on bread..toasts..etc..
    Great appetizers!

  6. I know I'd love this! Radishes were a big part of every relish tray growing up-love 'em:@)

  7. I think I would love this! I've been making cucumber sandwiches that way the last several weeks. Never would have thought to use radishes, but it would be just as good, only with a little bit of a kick.

    I love this time of year when the fresh veggies start appearing at the Farmer's markets.


  8. This sounds perfect for a summer lunch. Our farmer''s is running slow this year as well. Maybe we will have wonderful fruits and veggies further into the late summer. I hope you are having a good weekend. Bonnie

  9. Radishes are so pretty, I wish I loved them more. I may try them on these sandwiches though- I bet the cream cheese would be good with them. :)

  10. This brings back memories of lunches with my mom. She and I loved radish sandwiches as far back as the early 1940's. So many things would spoil in school lunches without refrigeration....I had them in my lunch...only without the cream cheese. Just bread, butter and radishes. Dad had a big garden and we had them fresh out of his garden.

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  12. Came over to visit / wrong time, lol. Bunch of food posts making me hungry for lunch : )

    I do like radishes but never thought of one in a sandwich! Tomato sandwiches in the summer, yes...this might be something to try! :)

  13. Seriously? Phil loves radishes, but I never get them because I don't know what to do with them other than salads. So good that I happen to be going to the grocery store today!!! I will buy them along with the bread..I always have cream cheese on hand. Also good that your blog is one of the first ones I checked today! Tomorrow he will get a great surprise for lunch!


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