Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup Soccer, Team USA and Oliver

The Baker loves soccer.  He rarely watches football or basketball and never hockey.   Soccer gets his attention though.  All three of us watched the U.S. beat Ghana yesterday.  Go USA!  

It's not that Oliver doesn't like the game,
he just doesn't like the timing.
You see, the pup likes to have his dinner at 6:00 p.m..
No earlier, no later.
The World Cup schedule just isn't working
for the dalmatian.

Oliver has asked for help in penning a letter to FIFA
asking that the 2018 games in Russia
take into consideration his personal dinner hour.


  1. I just made little doggie cookies for a friend and thought of Oliver..Imagine:)

  2. Poor Oliver... What a hard life he must have!!!!!!! ha

    I don't watch Soccer --but did hear that they won. I think many people were surprised that they would win since they are in a hard division. The next game will be VERY hard I bet...


  3. Omy I knew was an amazing game.
    We see soccer special in these days!
    Tomorrow Chile play with Spain.
    A really hard game!

  4. i fully understand the dinner hour, ours is at 5 and never earlier or later. but we have a DVR and all sports are recorded for bob to watch in the early am when there is nothing. he records football, 3 kinds of racing, tennis tennis and more tennis... that way he skps the commercials... and for some reason NASCAR and NHRA run at the same hour.. just click that DVR... we have movies from 5:30 to 7:30 every night, again thanks to the DVR

  5. He is so pretty with the one black ear and one white. But best of all, I get to see your husband, which never happens, YEAH! I think I have seen him maybe twice five years ago.

  6. Ah dear, and it is good to hear from you too.

    Who did your Dalmatian root for?? USA or Ghana?

    Loved smiling through this posting,


  7. Yay USA . . . I watched the news and picked up the exciting highlights.
    Oliver looks like it is important to be "underfoot or quite near" the Baker . . .
    As it should be for the most important in the household!

  8. It was exciting to see team USA win yesterday! I guess you will ahve to make a TV dinner for Oliver for the next game :)

  9. Ha ha, so you were right on my fb page yesterday. I'm happy for the USA. What a nice photo!

  10. And I think they should! These things are important:@) Go USA!!!

  11. Oh poor Oliver! My two boys get their supper at 6 as well too. They are mighty aware of the hour, as it approaches too!!!
    Go USA!
    xo Kris

  12. Oliver, I totally understand. I like my dinner on time too.

  13. Love, love, love this! I vote for moving Oliver's bowl into the room with the TV. USA...USA...USA!

  14. Cute!

    Hey, you should totally write that letter about dinner hour. Haha! You never know until you ask.

  15. All you have to do is put a red bandana around Oliver's neck, pretend his spots are dark blue and he'd make a perfect Team USA mascot! It's amazing how pets know when dinner time should be :)

  16. Oliver, just cross the border and I'll see that you eat on time!

  17. Way too funny!
    I am sure they will listen to his request.

    M :)


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